Modern Minimalist Home Backyard Design Inspiration – A cozy backyard is often the choice of a person or family to relax. A peaceful atmosphere away from the hustle and bustle of the streets is perfect for calming the mind and spending time with family. However, this cannot be realized if the backyard in your house is empty or not neatly arranged, right?

For those of you who have land left behind the house, you can use it to build a backyard garden with various attractive designs. For that, here is a collection of Prospekku-style minimalist backyard designs that can be your inspiration!

Mini zen garden design

Your yard isn’t too big, right? No problem. You can use a mini zen garden to design a small garden in your backyard. Zen gardens do not require a large space. You can see things like rocks, sand, lanterns, and different Japanese plants.

The idea of a Zen garden came from Japan, but it has been used a lot and in many places in Indonesia. Even in Japan, the zen garden is said to help people relax.

If you want to use this idea at home, check out this simple, easy-to-use guide to the Zen Garden concept (Japan’s Tranquilizing Garden).

Traditional minimalist page design

Like in the picture above, traditional designs are often closely tied to cultural values. The backyard looks simple and traditional because it has wooden chairs, statues in the style of Bali, and some typical Indonesian plants, like banana and coconut trees.

Mediterranean garden design

This simple idea is often used in the backyards of Indonesian homes. It’s not hard to make a Mediterranean garden.

The grass of St. Augustine, which can also be called buffalo grass, and the rocks are the most important parts of this park. You can also see bonsai plants and tropical plants like agave and yucca nolina.

You can also put things like lanterns, chairs, and statues in a Mediterranean garden. You can make a fish pond to make life more interesting. Even though this garden is simple, it can be used to make a clean and beautiful minimalist backyard.

Tropical feel design

The tropical weather in Indonesia goes well with this simple backyard design. When you put together wooden decorations, pastel colors, and tropical plants, you get a strong Balinese vibe. Wow, it’s like being on vacation in Bali, right?

You can use a tropical theme in your backyard, but you can also use it inside your house. Curious? Check out the guide to the Modern Minimalist Tropical House Concept that you can use.

Luxury backyard design

It’s not impossible to make a backyard feel like the one in a luxury home. You can give the impression of luxury by putting together marble floors, classic furniture, and yellow lights. Like in the picture above, dividing your yard into indoor and outdoor spaces will make it feel bigger.

Still, going back to the idea of being eco-friendly, it would be better to add a variety of plants, flowers, and grass to the yard area. Your backyard will not only look fancy, but also cool and beautiful.

Design for a classic backyard

Usually, ornaments or wooden interiors are the most important parts of a classical design. As in the classic, simple design of the backyard shown above. For a classic look, there are wooden decks that look like stages and wooden decorations with carvings of hands.

Make a playground for kids.

Do you have small children and live with a happy family? So, if you have a lot of land, this one design will work. You can make a playground in your back yard. You can add swings and slides as games.

We all know that kids like to be active and run around. So, you might want to leave a little bit of space and plant grass there to make it safer. You can also set up chairs and tables so you can watch what the kids are doing.

Modern minimalist page design

A minimalist backyard design, as the name suggests, doesn’t need a lot of decorations. You only need to bring a chair at an angle, some extra pillows, and a few small trees. This will make the page look classy and simple.

Put a gazebo in a courtyard.

This simple design for a back yard is very useful. Why? The gazebo in the back yard can be a place to relax, but it can also be used to have people over. If you want a more open feeling, the gazebo in the backyard is a good place to hang out with friends.

You don’t need a lot of decorations. Just put out a table and a couch that are roughly big enough for your guests. If you want, you can add garden lamp decorations and different plants.

Modern bohemian design

The backyard of your small house can look cheerful with a touch of bohemian concepts like the picture above. To apply this concept, choose ornaments that are minimalist and look relaxed. Timber treads as well as stone treads will give your yard a neater look. Don’t forget the grass and some plants to make it look beautiful.

  • Tips for Building a Backyard
  • Adjust to the concept of the house
  • Before determining the backyard design for the house, you need to consider the overall concept of the dwelling. It would be better if the design of the page is in accordance with the concept of the house so that it does not seem contrasted so that all parts of your house can blend together.

However, it is not wrong to apply a different design if you like something unique and want to have a part of the house with a different feel. For example, applying traditional designs to homes with modern minimalist concepts.

  • Add various greenery
  • The backyard of the house is usually dominant with the garden concept. Actually, you don’t have to build a garden concept in the backyard. However, to make the house look more beautiful and refreshing, you can add various green plants in the backyard.

The presence of green plants will also make your home more environmentally friendly and blend with nature. The freshness of the plants will make your mind clearer and suitable for relaxing and breathing fresh air.

  • Take care diligently
  • What’s the point of having a great backyard design but not being maintained? Too bad isn’t it? Having a backyard may take up more time, effort and money to maintain it.

However, it will be a pleasure to see the backyard in our house is beautiful and clean. For that, in addition to determining a good design, you also have to balance it with good care.

Those are some backyard design ideas for you. If you want a different feel, you can also combine several types of designs above. So have you found a suitable design? Let’s immediately beautify the backyard!