European-Style Minimalist Dining Room, Suitable for Luxurious Dining at Home

European-Style Minimalist Dining Room – A minimalist dining room is a very important place to gather with family that is full of warmth. There are various touches of unique minimalist dining room design even though it looks timeless. One of the best touches is the European theme, which is full of luxury and high aesthetic values. So, what … Read more

Luxury Dining Room Design Recommendations. The Right Choice for Sultan’s House and Crazy Rich

Luxury Dining Room Design Recommendations. – This is a recommendation for a luxurious dining room design, definitely perfect for those of you who have a luxurious and stately house in the style of the Sultan, let’s see the design. If you have a luxury home, of course, you prefer a room design that is no less magnificent. Maybe you … Read more

Simple Minimalist Kitchen and Dining Room Design

dining room – If you have a house with limited land and want to have a dining room for your family, then there is nothing wrong if you create a simple (minimalist) open kitchen and dining room design concept that is one. Of course this can save land. Cleanliness must be maintained for the kitchen and … Read more

Instagramable Teen Bedroom Design

badroom – The bedroom is one of the favorite rooms in the house. Not only as a place to rest, it is not uncommon for bedrooms to be used as a workplace, especially during a pandemic like today where most offices do WFH (Work From Home) and schools up to university scale implement PJJ (Distance … Read more