Luxury Baby Room Design for Kids

this is a baby bedroom design that you can apply – A common thing that often happens when a baby is about to be born is about the nursery. Many parents are confused about making a suitable baby room design according to their taste. Not only that, even many parents have different opinions about the design of the baby room they will build. One … Read more

Beautiful Ideas for Bedroom Lights, What kind of design inspiration do you want? Don’t Underestimate Room Decoration

What kind of design inspiration do you want? Don't Underestimate Room Decoration – The number of lights in a simple bedroom can indeed be a lot, maybe more when compared to the living room, dining room, and others. Why is that, even though when I sleep, none of the lights in the bedroom are on. You will have lights on the bedroom ceiling, reading lights on … Read more

Bedroom Design Inspiration with Led Lights

Bedroom Design with Led Lights – LED lighting can create the illusion of calm and comfortable lighting. So it’s not surprising that many people choose this lamp as a decorative element in their room. In decorating your room with LED lights, you must pay attention to the layout of the LED lights that match the criteria for the theme … Read more

Minimalist Home Ceiling For Dream House

Minimalist Home Ceiling For Dream House – building a house, often people do not pay attention to the ceiling design. Ceilings are generally left plain without an attractive design. In fact, only by planning an attractive ceiling design can make the interior atmosphere of the house different. In addition to design, the selection of a minimalist home ceiling material will … Read more

Beautiful Minimalist Terrace Table Design, Decorations That Will Beautify the Exterior of All Types of Homes

outdoor guest table – When the veranda becomes a living room or not, you can still put chairs and tables as additional decorations. There are many table functions in this area, starting from a place to put food, drinks, or other displays such as flower vases. Who knows you really like to sit back on the veranda … Read more

European-Style Minimalist Dining Room, Suitable for Luxurious Dining at Home

European-Style Minimalist Dining Room – A minimalist dining room is a very important place to gather with family that is full of warmth. There are various touches of unique minimalist dining room design even though it looks timeless. One of the best touches is the European theme, which is full of luxury and high aesthetic values. So, what … Read more

Luxury Dining Room Design Recommendations. The Right Choice for Sultan’s House and Crazy Rich

Luxury Dining Room Design Recommendations. – This is a recommendation for a luxurious dining room design, definitely perfect for those of you who have a luxurious and stately house in the style of the Sultan, let’s see the design. If you have a luxury home, of course, you prefer a room design that is no less magnificent. Maybe you … Read more

The Best Luxury Industrial Minimalist Terrace Inspiration, Makes Your Home More Elegant

luxury – The front side of the house is an important inspiration in designing a minimalist home terrace, considering that this part is very visible to others. The terrace design with various inspirations looks attractive with high aesthetic elements, so that residents and guests do not feel bored. To note, the inspiration for the terrace … Read more

Home Design Trends for 2022

this is a luxury house building – From the looks of things, a safe and secure place to call home should be at the top of everyone’s list of priorities. Although the want to put down roots in one place hasn’t changed, the architectural style of the home you envision yourself in may. In 2022, there will be new developments … Read more