Modern Minimalist Living Room Concept – The function of the living room is to welcome relatives and friends who visit the house. Of course, if the living room looks comfortable, those who visit us will feel at home.

No wonder the interior style of the living room is one of the important things in a house. So, are you the one who wants to make the living room decoration look elegant?

If so, this time we have inspired minimalist living room ideas especially for you. Listen, come on!

High ceiling living room concept

A high roof or high ceiling can make the room look more spacious and majestic. So, to make it look more charming, you should use neutral colors on dominant furniture such as sofas.

Then, add low table furniture and small sizes such as coffee tables so that the room still feels more spacious. Don’t hesitate to use a patterned rug so that the room doesn’t look monotonous and boring.

Look modern with all white

One way to make your living room look modern is to use a mix of white and neutral colors. For example, combining white wall paint in almost the entire room with a gray sofa and a matching glass table.

The combination of white, light gray, beige, and bright neutral colors can make the room look cleaner and look spacious, like the inspiration above.

Use brown floor

The use of this wood-patterned PVC floor can also give a firm impression to the living room. As an added d├ęcor, you can add a digital bonfire to make the room feel warm and peaceful.

The rustic concept is cool too

Modern minimalist style is always synonymous with neutral colors, such as white, brown, and gray. However, there is nothing wrong if you try the rustic style, which adds elements of wood motifs, like the picture above.

The combination of white and brown can create a more elegant impression and make the room look spacious.

The combination of geometric motifs

Usually, minimalist living room decorations always use neutral colors. However, there’s nothing wrong with trying something new, such as using geometric motifs and bright colors.

For example, combining geometric motifs on dark colored carpets and wallpaper, like the inspiration above. Who would have thought that this combination would actually make the room look more luxurious.

Use a mix of elements

Day by day, minimalist decoration enthusiasts are increasing. Not only using white, you can also create a modern living room with a combination of several elements.

For example, combining furniture with textures between leather, matte, and velvet like this one living room. You can also use PVC flooring with wood motifs to beautify the room.

Futuristic modern living room

Currently, you can more easily experiment to create a modern minimalist living room. One of them utilizes the ceiling of the room by using a futuristic-style chandelier, like the picture above.

Geometric-shaped lights and maximum lighting, can make the ceiling in the house look more alive.

Korean drama style

Korean drama-style home decorations can also be an option for living room design. Just mix light colors using a cotton or velvet sofa material, which can give a luxurious impression, like the picture above.

Take advantage of the giant windows

For those of you who are bored with the appearance of white walls, you can replace it by using giant windows to get natural light.

Create illusions with the help of lighting

The following minimalist modern living room design ideas are perfect for those of you who live in high-rise apartments. The trend of combining monochrome furniture and dim lighting can add to the aesthetics of the living room.

The shape of the sofa model also doesn’t always have to be rectangular in shape, but you can try to beautify the room with a uniquely shaped sofa and bean bag.

Use green plants

Designing a narrow living room is indeed very challenging. However, you can create the impression of a wider room by using ornamental plants. These little touches will make the living room look fresh and more comfortable.

A touch of texture in the wall area

This modern minimalist living room creates a luxurious and elegant impression at the same time. You can use one side of the wall to make it stand out by using white brick elements, like the picture above.

A mix of modern and traditional elements

Create a room with artistic inspiration, such as the traditional wood motifs that adorn the walls combined with small chandeliers. Velvet material and colorful sofa cushion covers create a more luxurious impression.

Use glass on the walls of the room

The game of textures and mirrors plays a very important role in the modern minimalist living room trend. Moreover, mirrors can also give the impression of a wider room. You can use a large mirror wrapped in dark wood, like the picture above.

Play with light colors

Unlike the minimalist living room style in general, this room uses a striking combination of yellow and gold. Who would have thought that the difference in the color of the furniture could display a more modern look?