The Best Types of Guest Chairs for Residential Homes – Teak guest chairs are made from the main material of teak wood which is of no doubt the quality,

In addition to its strong and resilient nature, teak wood chairs also have many advantages when compared to other types of wooden chairs.

Another feature of teak guest chairs is that they are very durable for years. Teak chairs are also termite and weather resistant so it doesn’t matter if you use them for indoor or outdoor chairs.

And no less important, this teak guest chair has a high aesthetic value that comes from the wood grain and the very beautiful brown color of the wood.

Black polished teak chair

In addition to the beautiful and contemporary model, the teak guest chair also presents an elegant appearance with a touch of black paint.

This model teak guest chair is also equipped with a seat made of soft and very comfortable cushions.

Teak sofa model chair

This teak guest chair is shaped like a sofa with soft cushions and a comfortable backrest.

Although the shape is quite simple, this one teak guest chair is perfect for filling the living room of your dream home.

Slender-legged teak chair

With slender and tall legs, this teak chair is perfect for a minimalist living room.

With a brown finish and beautiful carvings, this teak chair will make anyone feel interested when they see it.

Teak chairs with unique carvings

Teak chairs are famous for their unique carvings, especially for teak chairs produced by Jepara.

Teak chairs with unique carvings like this can be chosen if you want to create a classic impression in the living room.

Teak chair with short legs

This teak guest chair has short legs with a curved shape that attracts attention.

With a smooth and glossy finish, this teak chair looks quite luxurious and elegant.

Minimalist teak guest chairs

If you have a small living room at home, you can choose a minimalist teak guest chair.

This minimalist teak guest chair usually has a slim shape with a beautiful model for sure.

Classic teak chair

This teak wood guest chair is made by adopting a beautiful classic model for the interior of the living room.

With a glossy brown finish, this teak chair not only displays a classic impression but also looks luxurious.

Teak chairs accented with stripes

This teak guest chair model looks beautiful and different with the accent lines on the armrest.

This teak chair is also equipped with a soft and comfortable backrest and seat cushion.

Guest chairs with curved accents

With a perfect curved accent, this teak guest chair is very eye catching and different from other models.

In addition to its beautiful appearance, you can also find a luxurious impression from this model teak chair.

Japanese teak chairs

Jepara teak chairs are one of the most famous productions and there is no need to doubt the quality.

Jepara teak chairs are synonymous with cool and unique carvings. If you want to create a luxurious living room interior, Jepara teak chairs are suitable for you to use.