Small, Simple, and Minimalist Dining Room Design

dining room – The following is a variety of inspiration for a small dining room with a simple and minimalist design concept that is suitable for residences in Indonesia. Even though it is in a limited space, the dining room can also look beautiful and comfortable. With the arrangement and selection of the right colors, making … Read more

Basement Design Inspiration and How to Make It

Basement Design – Building your own dream house is a dream come true for everyone. Being able to own a house is a very pleasant thing, especially if you are directly involved in designing the appearance of the house. One of the building designs that is quite interesting and is still rarely found is a house … Read more

Simple Minimalist Home Terrace Design Model

Minimalist Home Terrace – Here’s a collection of inspirational pictures of simple minimalist home terrace designs that has collected for you! easy beautiful terrace with 2 minimalist chairs to relax or wait for guests. The existence of a lake filled with live lotus flowers makes your terrace look sweet and totally different.simple minimalist home terrace style … Read more

The Best Luxury Minimalist Bathroom Design Inspiration for Your Dream Home

Bathroom Design – The Best Luxury Minimalist Bathroom Design Inspiration for Your Dream HomeThere are some references to the best minimalist bathroom design inspiration that you can apply in full below. Minimalist Textured Decorative Concept Decorative touches seem to add an element of luxury to inspire a monochrome textured decorative bathroom. The unique concept seems to … Read more

Renovation of Space for Exercise at Home

Workout Room at Home – In the midst of undergoing the government’s appeal to stay at home in order to break the chain of the spread of the corona virus at this time, it is very important for us to remain active in exercising so that the body’s immunity remains excellent. Therefore, it’s a good idea to dedicate … Read more

Various types of room ceiling design images that can be imitated

room ceiling – Actually, there are several materials that can be used to make attractive and beautiful ceilings, including GRC board, PVC, gypsum, and many others. Curious, what are the modern, unique, and beautiful bedroom ceiling models? Here he is: Simple and Luxurious Ceiling As can be seen in the picture above, the ceiling of the … Read more

Minimalist and Comfortable Office Space Design Inspiration to Increase Work Productivity

office space/workspace – There are many ways that companies can do to help improve the mood of employees to be more productive at work. For example, by providing facilities such as a coffee maker in the office or by designing a comfortable office space so that employees are more enthusiastic about working. Here are some inspirations … Read more