The best design luxury living room

living room – Welcome back, dear readers, on this occasion the will discuss the 10 best luxury living room designs according to version. The living room has an important function as a space for meetings between family members and other people when visiting the house. It is appropriate that we need to pay attention to the … Read more

Ancient Architectural Buildings That Are Still Magnificent Until Now

magnificent building – Like science, the art of architecture also develops over time. However, we cannot deny that some of the works of ancient architecture have not been matched until now. During the Hindu-Buddhist period there were many outward architectural works. There is a kind of blend of races, nations, religions and works of art in … Read more

Unique and Modern Bedroom Design Inspiration

bedroom – The bedroom is one of the important rooms in a dwelling. Apart from being the most private room, the bedroom is also the best place to rest after a hard day’s work. Therefore, there are many things that need to be considered, including the design of the bedroom to make it comfortable to … Read more

European Classic Luxury House Inspiration, Definitely a Sultan!

luxury – European classic house types come from ancient Greece and Rome. The concept of this house is characterized by symmetry, columns, rectangular windows, and uses a lot of marble material. Over the centuries, classical architects have attracted attention and influence in the present century when conglomerates or who are now familiarly called ‘Sultans’ have … Read more

Non Stuffy Underground Garage Design

Garage under the house – Currently, motorized vehicles are goods that have become the primary needs of many people. The distance traveled and the number of family members that make this have an important role. The vehicles whose number continues to grow are cars and motorcycles. One solution that will discuss is an underground garage. Not infrequently, the … Read more