Super Cozy Workspace Design Inspiration – Since the pandemic hit, all office activities are advised to be done from home. Although things are slowly getting better, some offices are still implementing the Work From Home system to protect their employees from exposure to the virus. This change is certainly a challenge in itself, especially for those of you who are used to the office atmosphere. To bring that atmosphere, some people decide to transform their workspace design.

During the WFH period, many workers choose to work in co-working spaces or coffee shops. But for those of you who don’t want to spend more money every day, home can be one of the main choices. To make working at home more comfortable and enjoyable, you can make some adjustments.

There are several things that can be done to arrange the layout of tables and chairs closer to the window, ensure that the work area is always neat, use a comfortable and ergonomic chair while working, to present a fresher workspace design at home.

Workspace Design at Home

If you’re interested in giving your home workspace a new lease of life, here are some recommendations!

Scandinavian Workspace Design

This design, which originated from countries in Northern Europe, emphasizes beauty and functional spatial arrangement. There are several characteristics of the Scandinavian design concept that you can apply when beautifying the appearance of the workspace. For example, using neutral colors on the walls, providing decorations in the form of green plants to strengthen the concept of Green Living, to choosing multifunctional furniture. Well, for those who have a limited workspace, you can present multifunctional furniture in the form of a wall shelf that can become a work desk.

Monochrome Workspace Design

Monochrome colors such as white, black, and grey are often considered as boring choices. Therefore, many people avoid using these colors so that their work activities do not become boring. This stigma is not entirely true, you know. If combined properly, monochrome colors can not only make the room look more spacious, but can also give a clean, modern impression. To present a charming monochrome workspace design. You can play with the color on the wall that is adjusted to the furniture.

Workspace Design with Wood Material

Wood is one of the natural materials that has an aesthetic appearance and also various advantages. This material is commonly used in many furniture because of its strong and durable nature. For those of you who want a calm atmosphere in the workspace, wood can be one of the right elements. You can present this element as a wall panel as a good noise barrier. In addition, you can also combine wooden furniture with greenery decorations for a more natural impression.

Industrial Workspace Design

Industrial design may often be found in cafes, modern offices, or commercial buildings. Even so, that doesn’t mean you can’t apply it at home. There are several characteristics of Industrial design that you can know, one of which is about exposure. Where, many materials and even structural elements of a room will be exhibited and left with a raw impression. To bring this design to your workspace, you can combine exposed brick walls with plaster floors. But instead of just leaving it ‘raw’, you can polish it to make it more beautiful and eye-catching.

Workspace Design in Attic

An attic is a room on the roof of a house that is often used as a storage area for unused items. Instead of just using it as a storage area, you can turn your attic into a comfortable and distraction-free workspace. To make this happen, you can tidy up the attic first. After that, maximize the light points and air circulation so that it doesn’t feel damp and dark. Finally, you can also polish the walls in the attic with white color to disguise its narrow size to be more spacious.

Vintage Workspace Design

For those of you who are old-school at heart and love all things classic, a vintage workspace design can be an option. You can use wooden parquet flooring to give a strong vintage touch. In addition, the use of antique furniture and decorations can also help maximize the vintage atmosphere in your workspace.

Minimalist & Colorful Workspace Design

Minimalist design is synonymous with simplicity that emphasizes functionality. In order to create the best minimalist design, you can combine functional furniture, simple decorations, and a neat and sleek spatial arrangement. Although many people think that this design is only suitable using neutral or monochrome colors, with the right combination of house paint colors you can provide more colorful colors as additional accents. The reason is, diverse colors can stimulate the creative side of your brain and also provide a more pleasant feeling while working.

Futuristic Workspace Design

Futuristic design has a future design style that offers an unusual modern appearance. By offering a classy minimalist interior design style, this design does not use too much furniture and decorations. In other words, this design emphasizes simplicity but in an anti-mainstream way. To bring futuristic design to your workspace, you can choose colors like white, yellow, silver, gold, and black. In addition, you can also choose unique shapes of furniture, decorations, and even accessories that do not have geometric shapes.

Workspace Design with Garden

Some studies say working in an outdoor area can make a person more enthusiastic when working. That’s because the outdoor atmosphere, especially parks, is more open and beautiful, giving you a stress-free feeling. However, garden areas that tend to be noisy, sometimes can also interfere with concentration. As a middle ground, you can present a garden atmosphere in the workspace by placing several types of ornamental plants. If you want to maximize it, you can also apply synthetic grass to the floor area in the room.

Compact Workspace Design

Have limited space but still want to create a workspace at home? You may be able to apply the compact concept that brings together work and rest spaces in an attractive atmosphere. Through this design, each room is designed in such a way without interfering with the function of each room.

Workspace Design Under the Stairs

Just like the attic, the empty area under the stairs is often used as a place to store things. However, this area can also be used as a comfortable workspace. All you have to do is put a table and chair to work. Next to it, you can also arrange shelves or cabinets as storage space.

While working at home, the workspace becomes one of the essential areas to complete all tasks assigned by the company. Therefore, you should not be careless when choosing a workspace design at home so that the working atmosphere becomes more comfortable and you can be more productive.