Luxury Home Design That Lasts All Time! – A nice and luxurious house and has complete facilities is certainly everyone’s dream. Luxury homes not only make their residents feel comfortable and fulfilled, but also bring their own pride. So that your luxury home will last forever, let’s take a look at the inspiration for luxury home designs with us!

House Highlights: Hotel-Style Swimming Pool

The first luxury house photo with the theme of glass and air. What do you like most about the nice and luxurious house above? What is the swimming pool? With the right lighting techniques, your home can have a cool hotel-style swimming pool. Sports don’t have to go far anymore, Pins!

With the shape of the house design that follows the shape of the space, it makes this house design look modern and minimalist. The use of glass also gives the impression of luxury.

Hollywood Artist House

Want to have a house with a unique architecture? A house like the one above is a great example. Photos of luxury homes still use a combination of glass, minimalism and water elements. Not taking the shape of a building in general which is just a square, the house above combines several squares and is uniquely located on the last floor. In addition, the dining table but gathered is also unique because it is outside, still has a roof from the floor above.

Double Pool

For Pins who want a luxurious but beautiful house, a house with a swimming pool with colorful lights is also cool, you know! In addition, a living room with a vacant roof can also give the impression of being spacious. It is guaranteed that not only residents of the house will feel at home but the guests will also be happy to visit this house.

Elegant Industry

What is your impression of the house above? imagine the breeze breezy among the shade of the trees, will definitely make you feel at home. Don’t forget, lighting is one of the key factors here. With up light, the house will look more magnificent.

Home models with a combination of industrial and minimalist styles are also timeless and will last forever, Pins. Photo of luxury home above featured outside nature. These natural elements can be seen from the elements of the walls and trees around the house.

Two Multifunctional Floor

Who doesn’t love open space? Open space can indeed make you beta at home, especially with a view like this. With long chairs you can even serve here. With a living room on the first floor and private rooms on the second floor, you can get complete privacy.

Cozy Monochrome Dream House

Exit the room directly to the pool? Wow, like in a hotel huh, Pins? With a hotel-style lagoon-type room, you can get the impression of a minimalist luxury. The choice of black and white colors will also make your home memorable.

Big Entrance in Your Own Home

The thing that attracts the most attention from the beautiful and luxurious house above is the entrance to the house which is made magnificently so that every time you go out and enter the house you will feel like a king in the house itself. A house with glass windows will also provide natural light from the refreshing sun.

Nostalgia of the past

Rotating staircase is a popular ladder used in luxury homes in the past. If Pins like it, they can apply what made Pins nostalgic back then to today. Give a modern feel with a more complex building shape as above.

Urban Minimalist Midtown

Minimalism can also be luxurious with a fairly large land area. With a garage on the first floor and a terrace on the second floor, you can make the best use of the land. White and black are the main colors for a model house like this.

Simplicity at its Best

You can use a house without a fence if you are in a safe residential area. With neutral colors like white, beige, brown, and black, you can get a house with an earthy tone like a Japanese house.

Luxury House like Private Villa

The first example of a modern luxury house design is in the style of a private villa. If Pin wants a house that prioritizes the privacy area, then a house with this concept is suitable for Pin. During the pandemic Pins will feel comfortable at home because of facilities such as a garden area and also a private swimming pool. In addition, a large green garden can be an area for gardening that is suitable for Pins. Of course, with high fences and gates, Pins’ home security will be maintained. Cool, nice and luxurious house pins above!

Wooden Luxury House

Wood has long been known as a building material. Sturdy wood such as teak is certainly the target of developers or people who want to build houses with the main material of the wood. If Pins wants to build a luxury house with wood, then Pins can consider the reference above. What Pins needs to understand is the climatic conditions in Indonesia that support the rapid growth of mosses. In addition, the condition of the house will be easily damp. Therefore, Pins need to pay attention to the location of the house, the height of the soil, the humidity of the surrounding area, the quality of the wood and also the experts who build Pins’ houses.