Classic House Models And Designs – The trend of modern minimalist homes which is increasing in popularity does not make classic house architectural designs lose fans.

Most people who choose a classic design to apply to their dwelling also want to describe their character as the owner of the house, because for some people, the house is not just a comfortable place to live.

However, there are also homeowners who still want to be seen following the trend, so they choose a classic architectural design with a modern touch that makes the appearance of the house look simpler. Here, there are 30 inspirational classic-style house designs that are comfortable and charming.

Elegant Modern Classic

This classic style 2-storey house has a modern touch that makes it look elegant. A modern touch can be seen from the two large transparent glass windows on the left side of the house which are installed from top to bottom like a wall replacement. While the right side of the house is made of natural stones that make the house look even more charming.

Greek classics of Europe

Classical European-style houses, especially Greece, are identical with the existence of large pillars supporting the house which not only serves to strengthen the construction of the building, but also to beautify the appearance of the house.

In addition, the symmetrical shape of the house with large windows on both sides of the house makes this classic Greek-style house look even more magnificent and luxurious.

American Classics with Many Windows

The classic style house with a combination of white for the walls and gray on the roof is equipped with 4 large supporting pillars and a large number of windows, there are even 4 small windows on the roof of the house.

To beautify the appearance of the house, add a variety of plants, ranging from trees to green plants that propagate.

Modern Classics in Elegant White

The classic touch is felt from the four large pillars as a support for the construction of the building, while the modern touch comes from the shape of the building and the use of a flat roof.

Meanwhile, an elegant impression is shown from the overall color selection of this house which is dominated by white. The addition of a small garden on the second floor balcony also makes the house fresher.

Classic Elegant Tiny Size

The classic design can also be applied to a small house, the symmetrical shape of a classic-style house with 5 windows large enough to make this house look elegant.

One thing that is quite unique about this house is the shape of the roof which is similar to a traditional Javanese house or better known as a joglo house.

Classical White Concrete and Wood Accent

Just like a classic-style house in general, the use of large supporting pillars made of concrete makes this house look sturdy.

Although the whole house is dominated by white, the use of brown wood for the doors, window accents, and doors makes this house look not monotonous.

Magnificent Classics like a Royal Palace

This classic style house looks very majestic like a royal palace. There are two main aspects to this house, namely the height of the building and the building ornaments in the form of carvings that add to the splendor of this house.

In addition, there are also pillars supporting a large building with carvings that match the overall carvings on the front of the house.

Classic Modern Beige

Another example of a classic house that is equipped with a large transparent glass window on one side of the front of the house. The dominance of the beige color makes the appearance of this house look calm, but so that it is not too monotonous, it is necessary to add another color, in this case the dark brown wood accent.

Classic Vintage Style

A classic, vintage-style house that was quite popular in America around the 80’s to 90’s. Although it seems as if it consists of two parts of the house, there is a connecting line that keeps this house as a unified whole.

The use of brown color makes the vintage impression even more pronounced and without the accent wall made of natural stones, this house looks even more unique.

Classic with Natural Wood and Stone Material

Wood is one of the materials for making a classic-style house that is quite a lot of devotees. The number of people who use wood as a building material is because wood will make the room in the house cooler.

The addition of supporting materials such as natural stones on the front wall makes the house look more attractive.

Simple Classics with Six Pillars

Despite the classic style, the structure is fairly simple and the size is quite small. The classic touch is very visible in the presence of the six pillars supporting the house and the location of the main door which is right in the middle of the house so that it becomes the symmetrical center of the building. The choice of white for all parts of this house makes the classic impression even more pronounced.

Natural Classic

The choice of wood material makes this minimalist classic-style house building even more natural. The placement of transparent glass windows in a large enough size makes the lighting system in the house more natural, because sunlight can freely enter the house without obstacles.

Unique Structured Modern Classics

Even though it carries a classic design concept, that doesn’t mean the building structure has to look rigid. For example, as can be seen from this house which has a unique building structure.

Because it uses the roof of a house that is designed like butterfly wings. The classic impression of this house is shown from the corners of the house that look quite firm.

Scandinavian Simple Classics

Not all classic houses are designed with a luxurious and majestic building structure. For example, a house that is dominated by this gray color.

Generally this style of house is owned by residents of European countries such as Norway, Finland and Denmark. One of the characteristics of this classic Scandinavian-style dwelling is the presence of a chimney on the roof of the house.

Classic Modern Minimalist

The use of a flat roof is one of the hallmarks of a modern minimalist home design. However, the classic impression of this house is still felt with the choice of colors that are dominated by white, the number of large windows that are quite a lot, and the lines of the house structure are firm.

Modern Classics in Japanese Animation

If you often watch Japanese animated films, then you certainly often see classic house models or designs like this. The combination of wood materials and brick walls makes the appearance of this house look quite unique, especially when coupled with the use of sliding glass doors typical of houses in Japan.

Luxury Classic House with Big Balcony

This classic European house is designed with a magnificent building structure, complete with two large pillars that function as a buffer as well as to enhance the appearance of the house.

This 3-storey luxury house also has two small balconies on the second and 3rd floors, and there is also a large semi-circle design balcony located in the middle of the 3rd floor.

Flat-Roofed European Classics

Generally, the roof of a classic European-style house is made with an isosceles triangle shape, but in this house design, the type of roof used is a flat roof. However, the classic impression is still felt from the selection of two large pillars and the structure of the building that looks very symmetrical.

Not only that, the addition of several stairs to the main door is also one of the characteristics of a classic house.

Medieval European Tudor Classics

European medieval-style classic houses are also known as Tudor architectural designs. One of the characteristics of the design of this house is the impression of being majestic but mysterious.

In addition, the shape of the roof of this house design is also very distinctive by using a roof shape with a very steep slope to resemble a cone.

Clean White Luxury Classic

Classic style houses are synonymous with luxury homes that are designed complete with large windows and doors made of glass.

The use of glass on the doors and windows of this house is also decorated with various carvings so that the front view of this house looks very charming. The choice of white color for the whole building makes the classic impression even more pronounced.

Classic Italian Mediterranean

The hallmark of a classic Mediterranean style house is the use of a roof made of clay tiles and there are quite a few curved elements in the house.

In this case, the curved element can be seen from the shape of the door in this house. Meanwhile, specifically for Italian-style Mediterranean classics, the color choices used are generally warm colors such as brown or orange.

Classic Spanish Mediterranean

Slightly different from the Italian-style Mediterranean classics, in this Spanish-style Mediterranean classic house design there is a room whose building structure looks like a tube.

Such a design makes the house look more crowded. One of the characteristics of this classic Spanish Mediterranean style house is the choice of brighter colors.

Beachside American Classic

This classic style house is commonly found in coastal areas of America, such as in Florida. Although the design of this house seems old, there are still many people who like this classic American design with tropical nuances.

This is because the design of this house is considered comfortable to live in because the materials used make the inside of the house feel cool.

Classic Mix of Wood and Brick Walls

One of the materials to make a house that is identical to a simple classic-style house is wood, so that it makes the house more comfortable to serve as a place to live. The use of wood material will make the rooms in the house feel cooler.

To add accents so that the appearance of the front of the house is not boring, it is necessary to add supporting materials, such as bricks that are visible on some of the walls of this house. The combination of wood and brick walls makes this house look even more impressive.

American classics with the addition of three windows

As is known, the hallmark of a classic-style house is the placement of several pillars supporting the house, as well as this house which is equipped with 6 support poles.

The entire wall of this classic American house is made of wood so that it makes all the rooms in the house feel cooler. In addition, there are three additional windows at the top that function as a place for air circulation and a source of natural lighting from the sun.

Barbie classic

If you are someone who is obsessed with barbie dolls, then this classic style house design can be used as an alternative choice. The use of soft colors such as pink, light blue, purple or a combination of gray with a brighter color but still soothing and soft will make this classic building look like a barbie doll house.

One-Story Classic with Natural Stones

This classic style 1-story house is dominated by the use of natural stones in almost all of its exterior. The use of natural stones makes the house no longer need to be painted because the right choice of natural stones will be able to make the house not only look beautiful but also unique.

The addition of a small garden around the house will further make the front of the house look beautiful and charming.

Classic Rustic with Beautiful Garden

You can easily find houses with classic rustic designs in rural areas of European countries such as Switzerland, Austria and Belgium. The architecture of the house, which has been known since the 18th century on the European continent, does have a very unique characteristic, namely using textured materials from nature, such as natural stones.

The character of this rustic classic-style house really wants to maximize sunlight to be used as natural lighting, therefore the number of windows in this house is quite a lot. The scenery that can be seen from inside the house will also look more beautiful with the presence of a beautiful flower garden around the house.

Eastern European Classic with Triangle Roof Combination

Talking about classic-style houses, classic designs are quite easy to combine with any design. One of them is a classic style with house-building materials that are dominated by wood and triangular roof accents. In addition, there are also beam-shaped window accents that make this house look sweeter.

Unique Classics Like a Stage House

Another variety of classic-style houses with unique designs and house materials made of wood.

The whole of this house uses wood which is painted in white. Not only in the whole house, even the fence of this house is made of wood which is painted white.

In contrast to other classic-style houses, the design of this house is quite unique, because it is deliberately designed to resemble a house on stilts.

The main door of this classic-style house made of wood is located on the top floor, so to enter this house you have to climb stairs which are also uniquely designed because they can be accessed from two sides, right and left.