The Best Minimalist Back Garden Design, Suitable To Be An Additional Room For Families At Home – In addition to the front porch of the house, the garden behind the minimalist house is also no less interesting to apply aesthetically.

The reason is, you can design the garden behind the house with a refreshing green concept from all angles full of comfort in front of the house.

The selection of green elements adds freshness so that you feel more comfortable relaxing with your family.

To note, the green area behind the house can make residents feel more comfortable in enjoying quality time.

Not just a garden, you can also improve its functional aspects well, including the application of unique decorative decorations.

What is the inspiration for the best minimalist backyard garden for families at home? Listen to the discussion together!

The Most Beautiful Minimalist Back Garden Design Inspiration

You can add inspiration to a minimalist backyard garden with a functional and aesthetic combination with the following inspiration.

A Touch of Green with Natural Stone

Natural stone accents with a green texture seem to produce freshness with decorative accents on the back side of the house.

Aesthetic atmosphere full of comfort seems to produce the softness of all interesting textures.

Meanwhile, you can match the garden behind this minimalist house with parquet floors to relax.

Relaxing Ambience with Contemporary Accents

Contemporary elements behind the house produce a home that looks different and full of uniqueness.

The contemporary concept is designed with decorative decorations and lounge chairs as additional space at the back of the house.

You can also add vertical green accents with a calm texture behind the house.

Open with Japanese Theme

Not only in the interior, the selection of Japanese accents also looks very decent in a minimalist backyard garden.

The closed concept with a Zen touch looks minimalist and refreshing from all corners of the house.

Meanwhile, this place will be perfect for those of you who need a relaxing atmosphere.

The concept of a minimalist backyard garden with a kitchen

There’s nothing wrong with maximizing the layout, including combining elements of the kitchen behind the house. The open concept facing the kitchen looks very functional and spacious, so it doesn’t feel boring with vertical accents. This garden will be more interesting if you combine elements of vegetable plants behind the house.

Green Color with Closed Atmosphere

If the garden behind the house is used as an additional space, the selection of a closed concept is an attractive solution with artificial grass. The reason is, this place is not only used as a relaxing room, but also used by children to relax at home. You can combine decorative lights that are very warm at night.

Tropical Elements Behind the House

Tropical and green not only on the front porch of the house, but you can also apply it behind the house.

The green concept with decorative lights seems to produce a different atmosphere from all angles full of freshness.

Not just a back garden, you can also use this space as a dining room with an open concept.

Shabby Chic Minimalist Back Garden with Forest Concept

Combining aesthetic and functional elements is the hallmark of this minimalist backyard garden. The forest concept with a shabby chic theme seems to add to the elegant impression with very strong green elements from all angles. Meanwhile, the concept of the forest behind the house is perfect for family gatherings in a warm house.

Interesting-looking Rustic Combination

Rustic material is not only suitable on the terrace, but is also very beautiful in the garden behind the house.

The selection of rattan elements is not only through chair accents, but also looks attractive with decorative elements.

You can apply decorations on the walls or glass mirrors in the middle that look in line with the whole.

A Touch of Desert in a Minimalist Garden Behind the House

You can apply a very attractive anti-mainstream minimalist backyard garden atmosphere with accents resembling a desert.

The combination of the desert is designed with sand on the side of the floor with unique minimalist green plants.

Even though it appears in a narrow room, this unique accent will certainly make you feel more at home behind the house.

Those are some of the best minimalist backyard garden references that you can apply in an attractive and aesthetically pleasing way.