Latest Modern Wooden House Design Inspiration – Having a wooden house will give a natural impression. But you can also make a wooden house look with a modern look.

Here we provide inspiration for modern wooden house designs that can be one of your choices.

A modern home with two floors

This modern wooden house has two floors, and wood is used on almost all of them. Not only is the house made of wood, but so is the fence in front of it.

For the wood’s color, play with how much light hits it. Then, sand it so that it has a brown finish.

On the first floor, a small terrace is used. And the ceiling is part of the addition on the top level. On the second floor, there is a balcony where we can look out at the scenery.

The first floor has a restaurant, a kitchen, a bathroom, and an extra room. Then, on the second floor, use a large bedroom with a bathroom and a place to work.

Modern minimalist timber home

If you like the look of a house that is simple and up-to-date, this design is for you. This house doesn’t have many ways to get in or out. So this house feels natural and warm.

The window has a wide opening, which is another thing that makes it stand out. In addition to letting air flow through the house, it also helps light get into the house.

Modern Wooden House Model

Not only gives off a natural vibe. But this wooden house can also be turned into something more modern and elegant.

The architecture used to build this house is very beautiful. The front will also look elegant because it is made of wood and has a large glass panel.

The roof’s unusual shape makes it look more modern and up-to-date.

A wooden house with a patio

If you don’t have much land but want a big place to relax, don’t worry. We’ll help you find a solution.

This house design looks like a container and has a small open space for a terrace.

And this terrace is also made with a closed roof. so it doesn’t rain and we don’t get wet.

Design of a blue wooden house that stands out

Harmony Tini Homes created this minimalist wooden house with a dark blue exterior and white window frames.

Use wood with natural colors for some of the pieces in this design. Even though it looks simple, as a whole it will make a unique impression.

Plans for a wooden house for a nomad

There’s nothing wrong with having this design from Olive Nest Tiny Homes if you like to camp. This wooden house can be pulled by a car because it is mobile.

This house is very simple, but it still looks elegant and modern. The small pergola that is separate from the wooden house is what makes it special.

So, if you like to garden with different kinds of flowers, this is a great design to use.

Simple modern house design

This house is made of wood and has a natural, rustic finish. This makes this rectangular-shaped house look so charming.

The doors and windows are big, which will give the outside of the house a modern look.

A wooden house with a mix of stones in its design

In addition to wood, the outside of this house is also made of stone. This house building in the shape of a square looks classy and expensive.

Using two different combinations of materials that come from nature also makes the front of the house look beautiful.

Even though it feels like nature, this house looks very modern.

Different colors of white

This one-story wood house was built on a pretty big piece of land. For the mostly white wooden planks, which are the main material for the main house and fit the garage area.

Using wood colors that look natural on the garage door makes the front of this house look better.

Light wood color for home design

The outside of this wooden house is finished with a lighter wood color so that it has a rustic look that looks classy.

The large glass windows in the front of the house make the view even more impressive.

Those are some wooden houses with modern designs that can be used as your inspiration when building a house for your family.

Of course, the design above was built very carefully so that it looks charming and modern. This will also make it comfortable for the occupants of the house.

A house using wood will give a unique impression compared to a house with the same concept but made of cement.

You can also beautify the design of this modern wooden house by combining it with other natural elements such as rocks.

And so that the appearance of the wooden house becomes more attractive, you can give it beautiful colors. In addition, you can also adjust the lighting on the exterior so that the modern wooden house you have looks more attractive.

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