European Classic Luxury House Inspiration, Definitely a Sultan! – European classic house types come from ancient Greece and Rome. The concept of this house is characterized by symmetry, columns, rectangular windows, and uses a lot of marble material.

Over the centuries, classical architects have attracted attention and influence in the present century when conglomerates or who are now familiarly called ‘Sultans’ have mostly applied the concept of classical European luxury in their homes.

Big Pillar European Classic Luxury House in Front

One of the characteristics of the pillars of a classic house is its large size, painted in bright colors such as white, and its placement is positioned in the outer corners of the house or placed in a row in a line.
Oversized pillars are usually one of the icons of luxury residences with classic European nuances. If you crave classic luxury accommodation with a European feel, you can find it in elite areas such as Pondok Indah, South Jakarta.

Classic European Luxury House in White Shades

An elegant impression will radiate from the overall color selection of this house which is dominated by white. The pillars at the front of the house add to the classic and luxurious side. This color is timeless, because it is not affected by existing trends.

Big Window European Classic Luxury House

Large windows are often applied to classic European-style luxury homes. Large windows serve as room lighting so it is more energy efficient. Large windows can also add to the impression of a house being big, spacious, and luxurious.

Classic European Country Model Luxury House

If you want to build a classic European minimalist house that looks luxurious. The classic European style country house design is your choice. This European country-style house model looks like it has tall buildings and has a sloping roof. The roof model makes the house look balanced and beautiful.

Contemporary European Classic Luxury House

This contemporary European-style classic house looks very luxurious and majestic with doors and windows that are quite large with an arc shape at the top. No wonder the appearance of this house is widely used by lovers of European architectural design because of its beautiful and majestic appearance.

The Sultan’s Classic European Luxury House

Sultan Raffi Ahmad’s style house located in the Andara area. It applies the classic European luxury home style. Dominated by white, the house looks luxurious and elegant. The beautiful garden arrangement makes the sultan’s house look more beautiful.

Classic European Luxury House with Spacious Garden

A magnificent house with a large yard is the dream of many people. The size and luxury of this classic European-style building is balanced by its open space. You can use a large yard to create a garden, fountain or pond.

Classic European Luxury House with Pool in the Yard

Presenting a swimming pool in the courtyard of a classic European-style luxury house is a very appropriate decision. The presence of a swimming pool in the yard can add to the luxury of the residential appearance, while providing a holiday atmosphere at any time.

Classic European Luxury House with Big Balcony

This classic 3-storey European-style luxury house has 1 large balcony on the 2nd floor, and 2 small balconies on the 2nd and 3rd floors. With a large balcony, the European-style house looks even more magnificent.

European Classic Luxury House Stone Material

The use of natural stone makes the house no longer need to be painted because the selection of the right natural stone will be able to make the house not only look beautiful but also elegant. The addition of a small garden around the house will make the front of the house look beautiful and charming.

Mediterranean European Classic Luxury House

Mediterranean house design has several characteristics, one of which is the height of the building is usually no more than two floors. In addition, the Mediterranean design has a large front and back yard and is bordered by a high fence.
In the front yard there are usually decorations such as small statues and even garden decorations. Homes with Mediterranean designs usually use earth-tone color palettes or earthy colors.

Elegant Luxury Home Decoration Tips

When applying home decorating tips to luxury, there are many design elements to consider. Quoted from the Mydomaine site, New York-born interior designer Roth Rope always suggests one color for home decorating tips to be luxurious: ivory white.
Ivory white color is not like other basic colors. These colors never go out of style and are easy to find as home decorating tips go luxury. In addition, here are some tips for decorating your home to make it luxurious and elegant.

  • Lightning

Lighting plays an important role in interior design, especially tips for home decoration to be luxurious. Good lighting can change the atmosphere of a room. Light and shade can make a room feel cozy and dramatic at the same time. Of course make home decorating tips to be luxurious. There are two types of lighting that you can maximize, namely natural lighting and natural lighting.

  • Use Curtains

Interior designers emphasize the use of curtains to make the house look more elegant. You can add curtains that hang from the ceiling to give the impression of height in a room.

  • Paint

Like furniture, painting is also part of home decorating tips to make it look luxurious. Place the painting at the right distance so that the painting adds to the beauty of the room and attracts people’s attention.

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