modern minimalist 2-storey wooden house design concept – If you want to have a house that presents a natural feel, then you can also make a wooden house for home design.

The design of this wooden house can also make you free to express so that the residence has more aesthetic value. Here we give an example of a 2-story wooden house design.

Simple 2-Story Wooden House Design

If you want to have a minimalist wooden house design, then you can make a simple wooden house design. And if the land you have is not wide, you can make this simple wooden house design into 2 floors.

So that the walls of the house look stronger and stronger then you can use teak wood. In addition, you can also apply it to the walls and tiles using natural wood brown varnish.

So that it will make the appearance of this simple wooden house look more natural and beautiful.

Simple Classic 2 Floor Wooden House Design

For those of you who want your home to look classic, this design can be your choice. This wooden house stands on an area of ​​120 square meters and the use of bulkheads is not too complicated.

By using natural white wood that matches the interior design, it will display a classic style that looks elegant and luxurious.

In addition, if the back of the house has a fairly large yard, you can be creative by creating a garden behind the house that is decorated with various kinds of plants.

If we look at the design of this classic house, it will present a warm atmosphere at night.

2 Floor Stone Wooden House Design

The design of this one house is different from most wooden houses. This is due to the merging of the concept of stone and wood.

The combination of these two materials will make the house look more exotic and elegant. We often encounter this kind of house design abroad. But also still suitable to be applied in Indonesia.

2 Floor Box Wooden House Design With Open Living Room

This wooden house design with the name Park House is located in Melbourne Australia. If we see at a glance the use of this wood texture looks striking.

The upper floor uses a wooden structure combined with the use of black steel windows that look contrast.

With a large front yard, it is suitable for gathering and doing outdoor activities with a large family.

As for the ground floor with an open concept using transparent walls. To make it look more modern, the kitchen and living room are also made more modern and contemporary.

Beautiful 2-Story Wooden House Design

The most striking thing about the design of this house is the use of sliding glass doors from floor to ceiling. In addition, the use of this industrial concept also looks very neat.

It is a slick blend of modern and traditional building styles. And for the front yard is designed using a deck. It is also equipped with a built in kitchen.

Large House Design

The design of this house also applies a mix of traditional and modern styles. In addition, this house also has complete facilities that make family members more comfortable.

At the front there is a terrace and living room. And for those who want to entertain guests, it can be done indoors or outdoors.

2-storey wooden house with classy terraced faade

This house building is located at Martis Camp in the United States. Because of its large size, it is suitable for large families who want to avoid the noise in the city.

The appearance of the surrounding nature with lots of shady trees and leaves will make us feel relaxed.

Therefore, by occupying this house, it’s a shame if you don’t enjoy the beauty of the surrounding scenery with the cool air. In order for the atmosphere to become more integrated with nature, there are many types of rooms such as living rooms, terraces and rooms that are connected to nature.

Minimalist 2-storey wooden house design, simple but still classy

The design of this house is inspired by the historic building in the city of West Woodburn, Northumberland, England. This house was also built in a place filled with rocks.

To make it easier for the residents, the liaison between the rooms of the house is also made safe and comfortable.

The living room in this design is located on the top floor. The goal is none other than to show a view of the rural atmosphere that looks beautiful and beautiful.

L-Shaped 2-Story Wooden House Design

This house design was built in Raguva, Lithuania. This contemporary style house is named The Valley Villa.

The construction of this house was built in 2016 and the building is located away from the noise of the city.

Unique and Enchanting Two-Story Wooden House

For those who have a large number of family members, then this house design can be an option. In addition, building a multi-storey house can also be used as a solution when you have limited land.

To complete the appearance of the house to make it look more comfortable, then you can also complete it by using various furniture with a minimalist model.

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