Modern Minimalist Bathroom Design – Every room in the house certainly has its own design, which we must make with the right design.

Because comfort is the main thing for a house. Similarly, the bathroom room, which must also be designed beautifully. A modern minimalist bathroom design can be the right concept choice for you.

The bathroom is generally used for self-cleaning. An elegant or simple bathroom design will make all the activities we do in it feel more comfortable.

European Style Bathroom

This bathroom has a very luxurious design and is spacious in size. The concept is European style or western style.

The color nuance is a combination of black and white, with several tall and characterful windows, two sinks and their respective mirrors, wall lamps, and a black bathtub that is small in size.

Examples of contemporary minimalist modern

There are three concepts used in this bathroom, namely contemporary style as well as modern minimalist.

Some of the walls are made of glass which is partially covered by granite with the addition of a unique black shower element.

At the end, several types of indoor plants are added to add to the cool atmosphere.

Serene Green Shades

Using green wall paint in the bathroom, gives a calm and cool impression. The design is also very simple.

There is a short cupboard plus a sink on the outside of the bathroom, which is insulated with glass. There is also a cupboard for storing toiletries near the bathroom, which is minimalist in white.

Shades of Greenery

Marble or granite floors and walls are indeed more durable. Like in this bathroom. In the bathtub area, several transparent glass pots are placed, complete with different types of plants.

The presence of these plants adds a cool atmosphere to the bathroom. There are two sinks that are attached to a multi-functional cupboard.

Modern Minimalist Bathroom

Using some unique and modern furniture, seen in this bathroom design.

For example, using two round mirrors, a minimalist short wardrobe made of wood, underneath there is a basket to put dirty clothes.

There is also a chandelier that looks like a spider’s leg in black.

Natural Stone Wall Bathroom

A bathroom with walls made of natural stone, will give the impression of back to nature in the bathroom.

The floor is grayish black, the bathtub is almost the same shape as a white rectangle, and the lamp is attached to a cute round mirror.

The size that is not too wide still gives a modern natural impression.

Bathroom Shades of Black

Carrying black on the bathroom walls, you can also use black granite. The wardrobe for storing toiletries is also dominated by black.

Then combined with a yellow sink with a minimalist round shape. The ceramic floor has a black floral pattern on a white base.

Minimalist Elegant Impression

In addition to having an elegant appearance, this minimalist bathroom also looks very simple.

Using a glass window whose glass part is slightly opaque, a small, round black bathtub, which is insulated with a wall that is not too long to separate its part from the room for bathing.

Gray Marble Wall

Using walls made of gray marble, can also be an attractive choice. Combine again with ordinary walls painted in white.

Add short and long wooden cabinets, complete with a sink on top. Also use a round mirror, also with a round chandelier.

Bathroom with Minimalist Wooden Wardrobe

It can be seen from the wooden wardrobe, with a mirror whose length and width match the size of the wooden cabinet, and all of its parts are attached to the wall.

The room for the bath is insulated with transparent glass.

Above the wooden cupboard are two small and square-sized sinks.