Minimalist Bathroom Design – Every room in the house certainly has its own design, which we must make with the right design.

Because comfort is the main thing for a house. Similarly, the bathroom room, which must also be designed beautifully. A modern minimalist bathroom design can be the right concept choice for you.

The bathroom is generally used for self-cleaning. An elegant or simple bathroom design will make all the activities we do in it feel more comfortable.

So, make a unique bathroom design, different but tailored to your taste. For example, choose pastel colors to paint the walls, or add special ornaments in some parts.

Bathroom Shades of White

White has always been a timeless color. Likewise with the bathroom theme that carries the color white. Both the tiled floor, the closet, the bathtub, or the sink.

All parts of the room use white, with bathroom tiles that are varied in black.

Wooden Floor Bathroom

Using wooden floors in the bathroom is also a very unique idea. Moreover, the design of the bathroom space is made into a room, which is a place to take a bath with a separate shower.

On the outside, there are several short wooden cabinets made of wood as well as a sink, closet, mirror, and two lamps attached to the wall.

Modern Bathroom Concept

Still with a separate bathroom model, which is insulated with transparent glass, you can also add a bathtub.

The concept of this bathroom is minimalist and natural, as can be seen from the walls made of ceramic with shades like granite in gray gradations.

The shower is placed at the very top, with a striking color that is gold.

Elegant White Domination

Still with the dominant white color, this bathroom gives a simple elegant impression. The bathtub is insulated with transparent glass, and the sink is combined with a short cupboard which is also white.

As usual, two lamps were affixed to the wall, close to the mirror. To add an elegant impression, install two paintings near the closet.

Spacious and Spacious Bathroom

Having a bathroom that is large in size will make the bathroom look more serene. The concept is made like there are two rooms.

The bathroom is insulated with transparent glass, which is separated by a closet, a sink with a long and wide mirror, and a short wooden wardrobe.

For this room, a light brown wooden floor is used.

Luxury Bathroom Concept

Designing a unique and luxurious bathroom interior can be seen in this one bathroom.

The floor and walls are made of marble, the bathtub is made in the middle with a tilted position so you can soak and relax there.

On the wall there is a shelf for hanging towels or clothes. Add a vase with orchids as a sweetener.

Simple Minimalist

The concept of this bathroom is minimalist but also simple. As usual, the bath and shower are separated by a transparent glass partition.

On the outside, there is a closet, a sink as well as a small cupboard for storing toiletries, a fairly wide mirror, plus a chandelier with a beautiful warm light.

Bathroom with a dark tone

The inner walls, matched the color of the floor. This bathroom uses a long short wardrobe, with two sinks and two mirrors, varied again with three lamps in each elegant place.

Luxurious Bathroom

The concept of a luxurious, glamorous and classy bathroom is similar to a five-star hotel bathroom.

Some of the walls are made of granite, there are two sinks and two mirrors, with a lamp attached to the wall.

As a sweetener, attach two paintings or photos that are placed on the wall near the closet.

Romantic Pink Shades

This 2×2 bathroom can still be designed as beautiful as possible. For example, carrying shades of pastel pink, on the paint walls.

Near the window, there is a small bathtub, then the floor uses ceramics with black floral motifs.

On the side is a short cupboard with a sink, and a white towel hanger.