Bedroom Design Inspiration with Led Lights – LED lighting can create the illusion of calm and comfortable lighting. So it’s not surprising that many people choose this lamp as a decorative element in their room. In decorating your room with LED lights, you must pay attention to the layout of the LED lights that match the criteria for the theme of your room. Here is an inspiration that you can try to apply in your bedroom.

Hanging LED lights dangling on the corner of the wall

The use of Tumblr LED lights is increasingly in demand today. The light from this decorative string lamp can create the effect of a calm and comfortable atmosphere for anyone who occupies it. In addition, this tiny lamp has a relatively affordable price and its installation is quite easy.

At night, the light from these LEDs gives the effect of tiny lights resembling the flickering of fireflies. Unique isn’t it? You can also add decorations such as photos above the bed by adding tumblr lights around it to give a more aesthetic impression.

Dreamy and mystical cloud room

To create a different room experience, you can try DIY assembling a cloud of clouds on some or all of your ceiling. The way of making it is also quite easy and affordable with two main ingredients, namely LED lights and cotton. The play of light that spreads along this will build a dreamy and mystical impression for your room.

Look elegant with one lighting

If you like something that looks easy but seems expensive, then you can use LED strips all over the edge of the ceiling wall. This simple look is perfect for those of you who have a plain room wall appearance. Then, you can choose a painting with a matching color and combined with a neutral bed sheet set.

By installing an LED strip as the main light, you can save energy and save electricity while still getting maximum lighting in the entire room. For rooms with light shades, you can use cool light elements with medium light so that the room remains comfortable and not hot.

Insert the LED light on the top of the cupboard

Feel a different atmosphere from your room by using the LED strip on the top side of the wardrobe. This display creates a unique landscape with high lighting that helps build the aesthetic concept of the most dominant minimalist white color.

Motivate with your favorite string of words

adding a touch of motivational words seems to be able to improve your daily mood and spirit! Without needing to buy custom-made lights, you can apparently combine them with your favorite color LED lights. This light trick can also beautify your room with a personal touch that is guaranteed to make your room more comfortable to enjoy.

Sparkling stars in the bedroom

If you are a fairy tale lover, the choice of star LED motifs can be an interesting choice that you can consider. With this LED light, you can replicate the appearance of the night sky like in the wild. For a unique look, you can install it vertically or zigzag along the ceiling and empty walls of your room. After that, you can relax in peace while looking at the small view of the twinkling stars in the sky.

The unique use of colorful LED neon signs

By adding accessories, LED neon signs seem to be able to give your room a colorful look. This lamp can emit colorful light which is more and more comfortable. Without the need to add excessive decoration, you can combine lamp decoration with pastel colored posters. Psst.. You can also DIY assembling your favorite symbol or logo using a regular tumblr LED, you know!

Minimalist bedroom with a combination of warm light elements

In addition to using LED strips, you can also increase the brightness of your bedroom with LED light bulbs. In general, there are two choices of elements, namely cool and warm with a choice of yellow or white. For the needs of the bedroom, you can choose a lamp with a warm type to show the essence of a shady and warm room.

In addition, you can also add a variety of LED strip lights as in the reference image with a similar color choice in the middle of the room. This light play technique will help special lighting in the center of the room for the illusion of a wider room.

Create an illusion on the bedroom wall shelf

Often people underestimate the installation of lights on wall shelves at home. Although white has bright and minimalist color levels, you can also add lamp decorations to make it less mainstream and monotonous. For example, you can put a collection of jars, books, ceramic displays or other knick-knacks on the gallery display. Then, boring wall shelves will look more aesthetic and guaranteed that you will feel at home all day in the room.

Make sure you arrange all your displays neatly and spaced so they don’t look messy. Although it seems tricky, the room looks luxurious with the character of the combination of decoration and the right intensity of lighting.

Hang the night light on the curtain

In addition to the side walls, you can also hang LED lights vertically on the surface of your window curtains. A unique color gradation effect that is able to give a new touch with a relaxed and comfortable feel all day long. Also combine this lamp with a painting that hangs nearby to make it look more beautiful.

Elegant silhouette from under the bed

In addition to the side wall view, apparently you can attach LED lights to the bottom of your mattress. This lamp frame will look even more beautiful when combined with warm colors and a minimalist-style woody room theme. This display will make the quality of the room feel more alive and elegant.