Minimalist Home Ceiling For Dream House – building a house, often people do not pay attention to the ceiling design. Ceilings are generally left plain without an attractive design. In fact, only by planning an attractive ceiling design can make the interior atmosphere of the house different.

In addition to design, the selection of a minimalist home ceiling material will also be one aspect that determines the appearance of the interior of the house. Materials such as gypsum, GRC, PVC, and wood have a unique texture and can make the ceiling look more attractive. Want to change the appearance of the ceiling at home to be more attractive? Here are 10 recommendations for minimalist ceiling designs for your dream home!

Transparent Minimalist House Ceiling

One of the minimalist ceiling designs that is currently quite popular is the see-through ceiling. As the name implies, this ceiling is made using tempered glass which is transparent but impact resistant and safe to use. The use of a transparent ceiling can make the interior of the house look brighter during the day. Not only that, the room will look more spacious and feel comfortable.

Minimalist Home Ceiling with Wood Panels

The next ceiling design is a minimalist ceiling with wood panels. Wood elements can give an attractive natural effect to the room. Not only that, the wooden ceiling can also make the space look more minimalist. Combine a wood paneled ceiling with a dark colored ceiling to create a beautiful contrast effect.

Minimalist home ceilings can be applied in a minimalist home. Only by choosing the right ceiling, your home can look more attractive and not boring. Well, if you’re looking for a minimalist house in Bogor district, the status of ownership. See the options here.

Cove Lighting for Minimalist Home Ceiling

The next minimalist ceiling design that you can try to apply is to use cove lighting on a minimalist ceiling. What is bay lighting? Cove lighting is an indirect lighting technique that uses the ceiling to hide the light source. With cove lighting, the ceiling appears to shine with light and makes the ceiling look attractive.

If you want to install lights on the ceiling, first check the types of ceiling lights for a minimalist home, below!

Minimalist Home Ceiling Design With Symmetrical Patterns

One way to keep your ceiling from looking boring is to use a false ceiling that has a symmetrical pattern. A false ceiling or false ceiling is an additional ceiling that hangs below the original ceiling in a room. Artificial ceilings are made to give an interesting illusion, and create a 3-dimensional effect on the ceiling.

Wooden beams to beautify the ceiling of a minimalist house

An exposed wooden beam is one of the designs that can be applied to beautify a minimalist ceiling. The wooden beams that are displayed seem to give the impression of a very beautiful minimalist industrial design. Not only that, the open ceiling can make a small room look wider. In order not to look messy, you should tidy up all the cables on the ceiling so that they don’t look messy and distract the eyes.

Minimalist Loft Ceiling for Minimalist Living

One way to make the ceiling look beautiful is to apply a tiered false ceiling. The multilevel ceiling arrangement with bright colors will make the ceiling look more alive and not look boring. Combine the raised ceiling with bay lighting to give the ceiling a more dramatic look.

Scandinavian Minimalist Ceiling Design

A minimalist ceiling design that you can apply next is a Scandinavian-style design. Scandinavian designs can be created by choosing muted colors and using a combination of materials such as wood, stone, and metal. Pale gray wood ceiling combined with minimalist wooden beams will create a beautiful Scandinavian style room.

Minimalist ceiling with a unique color combination

So that the ceiling does not look boring, you can take advantage of color combinations such as blue and white at home. Two matching color combinations will make the atmosphere of the room look more attractive and look shady. Use the same color combination on the walls and furniture to give the room a more beautiful appearance.

Minimalist Ceiling Design for Attic

If there is an attic room in your house that is empty and unused, you can turn that room into a beautiful bedroom. So that the bedroom in the attic can remain comfortable, you must pay attention to the design and shape of the ceiling in the room.

Due to space limitations, the ceiling in the room should be minimalist without reducing the function of the ceiling. The minimalist ceiling in the attic is made slanted, following the shape and slope of the roof of your house. To give a minimalist effect, you can add a wooden block in the middle of the ceiling. Wooden beams can also be used to hide light and give an indirect lighting effect to the room

Blue Minimalist Ceiling

Apply a minimalist blue ceiling to create a comfortable and shady bedroom atmosphere. The blue ceiling will make your mood more relaxed and give you a fresh body after a night’s rest. So that the room does not look dark, choose and use a bright white wall paint.