Example of a minimalist wooden table for the living room

propertyrealestate.pro – Wooden tables have a high aesthetic value to beautify your living room. Pins can choose many types and examples of minimalist wooden tables for the living room that will make the room more elegant.

In addition, the minimalist living room table design from wood never goes out of fashion and can last for a fairly long period of time.

However, make sure to choose the best type of wood. Pins can choose the quality of the wood from the appearance, hardness, grain, and age of the wood. Interested in installing a minimalist wooden table in the living room, Pins?

Let’s look at some examples of minimalist wooden tables for the following living room!

Simple Wooden Table

The simple wooden table model is suitable for a minimalist, Scandinavian, and Japanese style living room. Although the shape is simple, you have to choose wood material to be the main attraction in the house.

Preferably, this wooden table must be strong. An example of a simple minimalist wooden table for this one living room is made of teak wood or if you want cheaper it is made of mahogany or

Wooden Table with Glass

The next wooden table recommendation that you can choose with additional glass decorations. This design complements the furniture in the living room with a touch of glamor. To make the appearance more elegant, choose a table with dark black glass.

This short glass wooden table model looks beautiful placed in the living room. Add a gray sofa, cream, or other neutral colors.

Drawer Box Wooden Table

An example of this box-shaped wooden table is equipped with drawers that are perfect for your living room. This one model is suitable for a minimalist-style house and an open space that is more multifunctional and concise so that the room is not cramped.

A good type of wood for a guest table is maple wood. This is because maple wood has the right density and coloration. Not only that, the maple wood table is fairly stable so that the top is wide.

Small Round Wooden Table

A round wooden table model with a small size is suitable for a small living room. The texture of the wood grain is more elegant, making the room more aesthetic. The design makes the living room more intimate.

Currently, there are many choices of small round wooden tables with processed materials such as Medium-Density Fiberboard (MDF) and plywood (plywood). So, the price is certainly cheaper than real wood.

Short Round Wooden Table

Next Pins can also choose a round wooden table with a short size. The model is simple, perfect for a small minimalist living room. Make sure Pins chooses a good quality wooden table, yes!

Choose a solid wood table model with a high level of wood fiber density. This wooden table tends to be stronger. This is what makes this example of a minimalist wooden table for the living room more durable and strong for many years.

Wooden Table with Thick Legs

A variety of minimalist wooden tables for the living room that you can choose with thick legs. Its sturdy shape has a rustic and natural look. In addition, the wooden table model with thick legs gives the impression of a family.

Although this example of a minimalist wooden table for this one living room looks simple, if it is combined with the right selection of furniture and wall paint colors, it will give an elegant impression to the room, you know!

Wooden Table with Gold Iron Details

If the examples of minimalist wooden living room tables are too ordinary, then try looking for variations of wooden tables with gold iron details. The end result of this one model gives a natural and luxurious impression in one look.

The size is not too big but enough to put a cup of tea or coffee to some snacks that will be served to guests who come to visit your house.

Industrial Style Wooden Table

If Pins likes all things industrial style, then this wooden table is the best choice for you. The dark brown color of real wood, plus the black color of iron, looks exotic to make the room more attractive.

For the material itself, Pins can freely choose. However, the most important thing is to choose quality wood with dense wood fibers. Because, the higher the density of wood fiber, of course the table will be stronger and more sturdy.

Asymmetrical Wooden Table

An asymmetrical wooden table is the right option for Pins who want a more different look at the house. The shape of the different sides makes it look more unique and will become a focal point in your living room.
Usually, the asymmetrical wooden table model is ordered on a custom basis that can adjust to the overall size of the room.

Stacked Wooden Table

The recommendation for a minimalist wooden table for the last living room is a stacked or layered model. The purpose of the stack on this one wooden table model is its multi-layered shape, at least 2 layers.