Beautiful Luxury Home Terrace Design – For most people, especially in Indonesia, the terrace of the house plays a very important role, namely showing the personality of the ‘The Owner of the House’, as the beginning of entering the house, as a liaison between the yard and the first room in the house, as a place for chatting between family members, or as a place to chat with family members. a place to entertain guests. This very important role requires a special thought in designing it.

This joglo-roofed house has a classic terrace with several steps. The front of this house does seem open, but the presence of the terrace shows the level that must be lived to enter the sacredness of the house as a private residence.

The terrace pole model plays an important role in the overall appearance of the terrace of the house, it can give the impression of a spacious, high, and luxurious house. Although in a simple way, clever ideas in displaying a unique terrace pole model can create a beautiful luxury home terrace design. Just imagine, if the terraces of the houses in Brawijaya were put together, the impression would be different. Although its function is very significant as a structural pillar, the design of the terrace pole must still pay attention to the architectural aesthetic and its function to support beauty.

Not only in the form of concrete or pavement, terrace elements can also be combined with elements of water, plants, and wood.

The terrace as a liaison between outdoor and indoor can also look luxurious and beautiful. Shows its elegant side with the presence of various elements that are combined appropriately, supporting each other and highlighting each other’s character. The pillars, gates, fence walls, and natural stone paths blend nicely with the gurgling water in the pond that flows between the ferns.

The terrace on the roof of the house with a long sofa and small table offers unlimited views of the stunning dynamics of the concrete jungle. The breeze makes it a place to freshen up after a hard day’s work and look for inspiration for the next bright ideas.

The design of this contemporary, industrial, modern and Scandinavian style house started with the idea of ​​creating an architectural masterpiece that blends with the nature of its site which is located at the corner of a hilly tread in Semarang while maintaining the existing trees.

The relatively large and numerous openings not only function for lighting and air circulation, but are also intended to create a close relationship between the house and the surrounding environment, as well as remove the barriers. This has been seen starting from the minimalist home terrace design with wood and rough cement mortar. This element displays simplicity and comfort, integrity and honesty, and makes the terrace of this house look elegant.

Many think that a luxury house with a beautiful terrace must be located on a large area. In fact, a minimalist house with a narrow land that is cleverly managed can look luxurious and beautiful. The game of arrangement of blocks, the use of black for the base of the building, the minimalist appearance of the lines and cement mortar, and the ability to combine all these elements make the design of a house look luxurious and beautiful. The terrace of this minimalist house also looks unique and beautiful even though it is only decorated with a white banyan tree.

If you are lucky to have a large house area, take advantage of the terrace space to relax. Place a large sofa that is large enough to accommodate all family members so that the time together is more quality.

For a more private terrace, a family room with flexible openings using folding glass doors is the right design choice.

The terrace of a luxurious and beautiful house is not only measured by the area and materials used, but how to utilize, combine, and highlight the character of each material so that the functions and benefits derived from the existence of the terrace can be felt as optimally as possible.