Various types of room ceiling design images that can be imitated – Actually, there are several materials that can be used to make attractive and beautiful ceilings, including GRC board, PVC, gypsum, and many others. Curious, what are the modern, unique, and beautiful bedroom ceiling models? Here he is:

Simple and Luxurious Ceiling

As can be seen in the picture above, the ceiling of the room becomes more beautiful when it is given a touch of commonly used LED lights. The addition of decorative accents in every corner of the ceiling, giving beige and white colors will give a warm impression.

In addition, residents will also feel comfortable because when they sleep they see the ceiling of the room is very beautiful, thus adding to the tranquility so that in the end sleep becomes more quality.

Ceiling for Minimalist Rooms

Who says if a small room can’t be decorated to be beautiful? That is a wrong statement because in fact, you can imitate the minimalist bedroom ceiling design above and add the illusion of warm yellow lighting.

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The goal is to make the room feel more comfortable and spacious. This ceiling installation technique is quite smart and really worth trying in rooms of all ages, whether children, teenagers, adults, or the elderly.

Cloud Ceiling

If you are bored with the same roof design and want to replace it with a new atmosphere, then you can use this one model. It is very suitable to be applied to the baby’s room. It is guaranteed that their sleep will be sound and comfortable.

So, it doesn’t make parents wake up often because they hear the child crying when he wakes up from sleep. If you design a room with a blue color concept, it will add to the uniqueness of this cloud ceiling, add lights to make it look more alive.

Classic Minimalist Ceiling

If the ceiling design of this one room is the latest and brings tropical accents. Of course, when applied to a minimalist room, it will give a warm impression during a hot vacation.

In addition, this minimalist ceiling model also includes the concept of a cone. The texture is pure white which makes the occupants feel at home for long in the bedroom. Even recently, many traditional hotels have adopted a similar concept, you know.

Don’t you want a bed like a hotel every day? Immediately replace the ceiling and feel a new sensation, yes!

Futuristic Room Ceiling

This futuristic design is very suitable if applied to a child’s bedroom. In addition, it also fascinates them with science fiction concepts, so their enthusiasm for learning will increase.

You don’t need to bother to design it, just by playing high and low ceilings and a little curve, then this futuristic design has been created. Don’t forget to add matching shelves or storage to make it look neater.

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Minimalist and Cute Bedroom Ceiling

Models like this are mostly found in baby rooms because they only use three neutral colors, namely white, blue, and brown. However, don’t get me wrong, the room will look more fresh and cheerful so it helps the child’s growth and development.

You can also complete it by adding a rotating fan to regulate the air temperature, considering that babies are not good if they are exposed to cold air for too long, especially air conditioning, so using a manual fan is the right choice.

Dreamy Ceiling Model

Well, if this one carries the concept of dreamy or dreamer and is very suitable if used by adult women who have a feminine nature. You can also add a stencil motif, you know, to really look real.

However, if you want to use this model, don’t forget to provide adequate lighting and furniture of the same color, so that it looks more beautiful and comfortable to live in.

Simple and Warm Room Ceiling

If you want a charming and warm ceiling design, then this is the right choice. Lighting will appear on the inside, left and right sides near the headboard, making you feel like sleeping in a hotel.

It is even more harmonious when coupled with modern furniture designs, such as bed lamps, fur rugs, sofas, and simple beds.

How are you interested in designing a room like that? Considering that during this pandemic, you have to spend a lot of time at home, so changing the design is something that must be done to make it more comfortable.

Wood Accent Ceiling

A luxurious bedroom is everyone’s dream. However, now you are one step away from getting it by using this modular wood accented ceiling. Able to give a more classy impression.

You can also apply it only on the edges, not the whole. When coupled with contrasting colors, the results will be even more stunning. So how, have you thought about where to buy a trusted ceiling?

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Modern Room Ceiling

If you have a bedroom that is large enough, you can dig more for more efficient but maximum results. One of them is by applying this one model.

In the middle it is divided into three. This style is not only dramatic, but there is a modern impression and not too much. It is very suitable for newlyweds because it is simple and looks elegant.

The lights are intentionally made so that all directions are still clearly visible even though the light is not too bright. Immediately design your room like that before getting married.

Minimalist Square Ceiling

The room ceiling design for a minimalist room is still a target until now, how not, only with a rectangular box shape with white lights can give a simple but still cool impression.

You can also apply LEDs with a combination of cream or white room paint. It is guaranteed that all day in the room will not make you uncomfortable and disturbed, it will be more comfortable.

Some of the designs above can be tried one by one or adapted to each character. Do you want to look elegant, classic, simple or girly. Please choose freely. But the question is, where is the place to buy a trusted ceiling with high quality?

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