Modern, Classic, and Unique Luxury Living Room Designs

Hello friends of , here are many examples of luxury living room design images. Whether minimalist, modern, classic or classic. If you’re looking for inspiration about the living room, I hope this article can help.

Who doesn’t want to have a residence with a spacious size and attractive decoration design. With furniture and furniture in every room with new and luxurious models. Not only the price and the selection of furniture models such as sofas, tables and decorations in them, but the choice of colors can also give the impression of a luxurious living room, which is neatly arranged in the room.

Luxury is usually often associated with all-beautiful, all-excessive, abundant and all-expensive. Even though not everything that is expensive and excessive can beautify the living room of your home. If you can’t combine the colors of the room design and furniture such as tables, chairs and some other decorations, the impression will be forced and tacky.

A. Classic Luxury Living Room

Black and White Photo Theme or Painting

Using black and white photo wall hangings or nature paintings can be one way to give a classic impression. Frame Wooden motif with brown color in harmony with the table gives a comfortable natural impression. White on the walls of a white room gives a white and neat impression, white also gives the room a broad impression.

The beige color of the sofa represents softness and classic. This color creates the impression of glamor, expensive, and sheen in accordance with the character of silver or silver. The choice of decorations such as glass plates with flowers and a chessboard, chess is an ancient game that is still a favorite until now, classic games are getting more and more cheerful.

Use dark paint colors such as light brown and gray cream

Gray belongs to the category of neutral colors that can be easily combined with other colors. Combining gray with other colors can display elegance and an elegant impression. This means that this color choice is a smart way to get a calm and calming appearance in a room.

There are two types of gray, namely light gray and dark gray. In use, light gray gives a feminine impression. While dark gray for a masculine impression. The use of ceramics with wood motifs adds to the impression of traditional classics that seem elegant.

Jars made of ceramics and their motifs

There are many types of furniture to decorate the living room in your home, one of which is ceramic earthen jars. In addition to beautifying the room, the jars can also be used for plant pots. The use of urn decoration in the living room gives an antique and unique impression, because the exotic shapes and curves of the urn give the impression of luxury in your living room.

Jars have existed since time immemorial, many kingdoms have this item as one of the decorations. No wonder the classic impression will be more pronounced, with a solid wooden table to let its natural color. The jar also gives the impression of being alive with its shape, the use of woven bamboo floor mats also gives the impression of being comfortable in freshness.

Gold and Cheerful Light Blue

Today’s residential decor is growing very fast, there are many styles and concepts. Determining the color of the furniture design, walls and floors must also be considered to get the impression you want. No wonder that many people feel dizzy by the many styles of decoration today.

The use of light blue gives the impression of a cheerful wide nature, like the sky with the freshness of nature, of course. The white color on the furniture looks clean and neat, the gold color in some of the decorations also gives the impression of luxury and elegance. The classic impression is felt in every carving and selection of wood cabinet materials, as well as attractive chandeliers.

Examples of additional furniture to give a classic impression

The luxury that is emitted from the classic interior design is an option to beautify the living room. So, the first impression appears that gives a touch of beauty as well as elegance in your home. Classical interior design is one of the architectural styles with a lot of interest, although currently modern residential trends such as minimalism are developing.

Its exclusive appearance and giving the impression of luxury and elegance make this one design last from time to time. Classical interior design is generally favored by certain people with its class. Because the items used for the interior are materials with unique designs.

B. Modern Minimalist Luxury Living Room

Adopt Japanese Decoration Style

In Japan in general, the living room does not use a sofa or high chair equivalent to a table, but only uses a small table with a carpet under it. With a pillow as a seat for guests who come. The use of a design like this certainly widens the room, especially if the living room in your house is small.

Designs like the picture above are also easier to clean the room and also easy to rearrange. Decoration components such as tables, sofas and pillows. as well as some other decorations also seem cheaper. The combination of natural colors such as wood colors with motifs that are left alone also gives the impression of freshness.

Color Harmonization

In addition to beautifying the room, color also gives the impression that it is not dull compared to a room without color. Color can also affect the mood of the wearer. In general, colors are divided into two, namely bright colors and dark colors, color can also affect a person’s psychology.

The use of many color mixtures in a room makes a cheerful, happy impression, and can make someone excited. Many people do not want to try to use many kinds of colors in the room of their house. For fear of trying different, even though the use of many colors with the right dose turned out to be comfortable.

Nuance of Natural Freshness

Bringing the feel of a tropical forest into the house. Who would have thought that we can feel the freshness of the natural nuances of now at home. Of course, it is different from the freshness of the original forest, because this is only a small example to bring the impression of freshness of the forest into the luxurious living room of your residence.

The use of several types of these plants is perfect for those of you who like adventure. Moreover, global warming is increasingly prevalent which can be one reason to feel the impression of natural freshness in the living room. Combined with a brown sofa, as well as a floor with a wooden motif floor, with some furniture such as a wooden table adds to the impression of a beautiful nature that is comfortable full of freshness.

Modern With Gray Color

The use of gray wall paint has recently occurred in the interior and exterior design world of today’s residential areas. Many houses with a minimalist concept also use gray, by combining it with light gray and beige, the impression is comfortable and elegant. This color also gives a clean impression in your room.

The use of this color is also widely chosen in some interior furniture in the living room, for example on a sofa set, table or chair. Neutral colors are boring but combining with lighter colors will be an elegant combination. The selection of modern furniture models also adds a charming impression.

Adding Electronic Devices

Along with the development of the era with several new technologies being discovered, the world of decoration design can also be combined. For example, the use of television in the living room of your house. In addition to giving a modern impression, the use of television in the living room can also warm the atmosphere.

As we all know, television can be a means of entertainment such as watching movies, playing PS, or it can also be used to watch family videos. Not only TV, you can also add air conditioner in the living room to make it more cool. You can also use a home theater to give your movie a more lively impression.

C. Modern Luxury Living Room

Using White Wall Paint

White color will give the impression of being clean and tidy, white also gives the impression of being spacious and airy in a room. The use of white in the walls of a minimalist living room is much in demand. Because white is a neutral color that can be combined with any color, white gives the impression of a luxurious space or space for your home.

White is a color that has been chosen for a long time to beautify the living room, no wonder this color still exists today. The use of floors with light brown wood motifs provides a comfortable mood. Because the color of wood is the original color of nature.

Selection of Furniture Models and Colors

Not only the color of the walls but the selection of furniture and furniture in the design of your living room also affects. The selection of models and materials and colors of furniture such as tables and chairs also determines the appearance of the living room. Of course, with bright lighting adds to the appearance of the living room more classy.

A sofa set made of foam wrapped with a soft outer fabric also adds to the comfort of the guests who come. Of course, with colors that are adjusted to be a combination that is pleasing to the eye. In addition, the selection of the table and the type of lamp must also be adjusted, such as the use of standing lamps in gold to add to the impression of luxury.

Abstract Paintings As Wall Decorations

Many already know, in general, the living room is filled with wall decorations such as photos, calligraphy and others. The use of abstract painting in addition to adding to the beautiful appearance of your living room, the use of this painting also adds artistic value to the living room. With a frame that is adjusted to the furniture, the large size also gives the impression of a spacious room.

A Touch of Modern and Traditional Design Concepts

The classic combination of modern and traditional design concepts is very pronounced. The selection of a wooden table with iron legs, as well as a minimalist bench made of plastic make the room has a unique blend. Black and white seem to be the balance colors for this unique mixed design, the choice of wood motif flooring also adds to the impression of being comfortable and elegant.

Kitchen And Living Room In One

Maybe the kitchen concept here is a kitchen to entertain guests, so you don’t have to bother going back and forth. This design can also bring you closer to guests who come, so you can cook together. But this concept requires a living room with a fairly large size.

D. Unique Luxury Living Room

The use of wood for the roof of the room

Unlike in general, the use of ternit or ceiling above the room to cover the roof frame above it. It is different with this one design by leaving it open so that the roof is visible. This concept is suitable for those of you who have a house that is not too high.

The original texture and color of the wood provide comfort and high artistic value. The selection of a sofa set and several chairs with wood as the legs add to the natural feel. The choice of brown color that is aligned certainly gives a comfortable feeling, with an open view that provides freshness.

Maximize Window Functions

The main function of windows is to exchange air inside and outside the room. The window also acts as a conductor of light into the room. If you have an excessive interest in plants, this concept can be enough for you to consider.

You can decorate the living room in your house with various kinds of plants that you like. The function of plants other than as plant decorations also provides freshness to your living room. Plants also provide comfort and warmth, the use of carpets and wood brown color adds to the impression of nature.

Wood and Glass Walls As Room Dividers

The clear and translucent wide glass gives the impression of a luxurious living room. Because the use of glass here is not arbitrary, because it needs the thickness of the glass so that it is not easily broken when hit by an impact. Glass also gives a broad impression to the room, glass is also a means so that you don’t have to bother looking at outdoor activities.

The glass design combined with the interior decoration made of wood is quite interesting. Because wood provides warmth in a traditional concept, the choice of wooden floors and walls is very comfortable and elegant giving a beautiful natural feel plus a chimney with a stove that warms when winter arrives.

Leaving the Brick Texture on the Wall

Green is used to help someone to have the ability to balance emotions and openness in communication. The green color gives the effect of relaxation and calm, the natural impression will be more pronounced with the brick textured walls. The choice of white on other wall colors aims to balance the black color on the floor.

Shades of Wood and Green Plants

The addition of certain furniture will be cream colored to be more modern and stylish. Because cream is a gradation of brown color, besides being soft, cream can also bring a warm atmosphere.

The use of wooden tables and silver stenlis tables with woven carpets from fibers. And the Indian-style woven fabric on it represents both the modern and the traditional. The use of floor colors and fans with real brown wood adds freshness, vibrant green plants stand out in the midst of a combination of luxury and elegance.

Luxury in general is a word that is synonymous with expensive. But with the combination of colors and the selection of the type of furniture as well as the shape design, the impression of a luxurious living room can also be obtained. So luxury does not have to be associated with expensive goods. If you can’t afford luxury goods, make luxury your creativity.