The best design luxury living room – Welcome back, dear readers, on this occasion the will discuss the 10 best luxury living room designs according to version. The living room has an important function as a space for meetings between family members and other people when visiting the house. It is appropriate that we need to pay attention to the design and layout so that when someone visits we can give a good impression to visitors. For those of you who are looking for living room design inspiration, we hope that what we discuss this time can be useful as a reference for your living room design.

The first design is a living room design with a composition of black and beige as the main color composition. This living room prepares a sofa with the letter L which gives a warm and elegant impression to the living room.

The next living room design with a room that has a high ceiling. A room like this gives a spacious impression to the living room so that it makes the occupants comfortable in it. The sofa material also looks unique by combining two different types of sofas.

By using a backdrop with a wood motif, this living room design has a warm feel. The lighting is also quite good with a chandelier that matches the furniture in this room.

For those of you who have a large enough room, this living room design is suitable as a reference. The placement of the sofa with the configuration of the letter O with a glass table in the middle makes the user feel familiar with the room.

With a dark ceiling combined with a sofa and bright colored carpet, this living room gives an exclusive feel. The designer took a minimalist theme as the main theme of the room, for those of you who don’t like knick-knacks in the room, this design is suitable as a reference.

The next luxury living room is a living room with a combination of a sofa that has a simple design and a ceiling that has a unique design with exposed framework.

The living room with the main white color and not too many ornaments looks so comfortable with the sitting area located under the void making the room have a broad and spacious impression. For those of you who like the minimalist style of this room, this is the right reference.

The next living room design carries a luxurious living room with a swimming pool in it. The impression of luxury appears in this room with a good layout and unique lighting.

For those of you who like classic designs and look classy, ​​the living room design above is the right design. This living room uses a classic patterned ceiling, with a crystal chandelier as the main light source in this room. The walls are also full of classic design ornaments.

The final design is a living room with a unique and different impression. A contemporary feel can be seen in this room with the wall lamps and the quite antique furniture design. A comfortable impression appears in this room with soft lighting and a sofa made of fabric. That’s the article from the Arsidipa team, hopefully it will be useful.