Simple Minimalist But Attractive and Elegant Living Room Decoration Inspiration – The mistake when someone decorates his living room is to place various objects there, because it is very distracting.

Even though from the design, the impression of the living room is very good, so try not only to design but also pay attention to the storage area.

Simple Monochrome Theme

An interesting simple living room decoration idea is to use a monochrome theme. As the name implies, it is monochrome, which only relies on one main color.

Playing the level of sharpness, later will form a very harmonious variation in the room.

The challenge if you want to use this monochrome theme is to be able to properly determine the most appropriate position of the furniture in the room.

If the furniture is not arranged properly, it can give the impression of being claustrophobic, boring, and unattractive.

However, if you are able to position it nicely, it looks very aesthetic and very modern. The key is not to add a lot of accessories and furniture to the room.

Rattan Bamboo Long Sofa

Another simple living room decoration idea is to use furniture as the main character, one of which is the use of a long sofa with rattan bamboo chairs.

The two types of furniture are opposites, both in terms of design and use.

Sofas are synonymous with soft, comfortable, and modern-looking seats because they utilize various synthetic materials.

In addition, the design also adapts to the times, a room with a sofa usually looks more elegant, attractive, and aesthetically pleasing.

In contrast to the bamboo rattan chair, the model is much different from the sofa, but in terms of use it is the same or remains.

However, when there is a bamboo rattan chair, the impression of the room becomes more relaxed and seems a bit classic. The person sitting in his chair felt this was a unique experience.

Simple living room decoration by combining the two interrelated cultures actually creates harmony when working.

Not everyone has the same desires and skills, therefore by providing these facilities they can explore more.

Valuable Displays and Accessories

One way to maximize minimalist living room decor is to use various types of interesting accessories.

One of the most common is to use bookshelves or books on the tops of tables, a little messy but unique.

Placing a display case in the living room can also accompany the table and chairs to maintain and make the room more colorful.

You can add various types of accessories or displays to the display case, such as toys, figures, or awards.

Another alternative but very classic is to always provide flowers and snacks for guests.

Both of these components are now faded, but as a guest will feel much more comfortable when getting a dish or dish from the host.

Vintage Feel

You can try exploring with memorial or historical objects to make simple living room decorations.

For example, try using several variants of how to put it, such as putting an old chair next to a new chair.

The vintage feel can also be strengthened by presenting some memories, such as presenting photos of figures who have preceded them, such as displaying photos of parents. In addition, the choice of color is also very influential in determining the nuances.

But if you want to add a modern impression, try playing with a slightly cream color combination.

These colors reinforce the impression of its vintage, especially when accompanied by various equipment and furniture that are still made of wood.

Room with Wall Paintings

Wall paintings are sometimes frequent or even mandatory when you want to decorate a room.

But it’s different if you want to dedicate your artwork and creations to maximize simple living room decorations.

There are many ways if you want to highlight these paintings, the first is the layout on the wall.

Instead of using a neat layout, you can use a little chaotic harmony to give a unique impression, but still aesthetic when viewed.

Second, choose a special painting for display in the living room, the painting is the work of a famous artist or has a distinctive meaning.

Using abstract paintings is also allowed, so that visitors and guests always remember the experience of their visit.

You can also display your own paintings if you really have a hobby of painting and making art.

The colors on the sofa and pillows

In contrast to the monochrome theme, simple living room decorations with this one theme tend to be free, and can even display a cheerful theme.

One way to create a harmonious atmosphere with a cheerful feel is to look for a colorful sofa or pillow.

The more diverse the more exciting, even if you can, the colors of the furniture are also various.

Although the impression will look lacking in one theme, but when you enter the room, you will feel a cheerful atmosphere, like returning to childhood.

A theme like this is perfect if you have a baby, so when the baby is fussy, you can invite him to this living room to play.

In addition, with the cheerful atmosphere that has been awakened, chatting also becomes more comfortable.

The challenge if you want to use this simple but beautiful living room decoration model is to determine how far the colors and patterns are in one room.

Too many shades of color can actually cause confusion for those who are nearby.

Create a Homey Atmosphere

One of the most interesting simple living room decorating ideas is to create a homey atmosphere.

To create a homey atmosphere, you have to prepare several things, such as flexible chairs, even lounge chairs.

Small table to put snacks, as well as some drinks on it. Thus visitors do not like being in someone else’s house.

The challenge when you want to create a homey atmosphere is that there is no definite standard of how the characteristics of each person’s homey room are.

Sometimes it suits one person, but it doesn’t suit another person, you don’t have to care about it.

All Chocolate

Another simple living room decoration alternative is to take advantage of all-brown shades, tired when in the living room there are a lot of utensils, furniture, and classic chairs and tables. Giving or strengthening the orange nuance can make the room more aesthetic.

For some people, this way of decorating is quite boring, because there is no variant in color, just like when decorating with a monochrome theme.

If this is the case, there are several ways to overcome this, namely adding a neutral color.

The trick is to paint the walls in that part of the room using a neutral color.

You can paint it using a solid color, one color, or it can be a combination of several colors. To determine which one is more suitable, maybe look at some of the tools.

Another challenge that makes this simple living room decor difficult to achieve is getting the variety of furniture. Because to collect from wood requires a large enough capital.

Aesthetic with hanging shelves

Still talking about the walls, if previously decorating with expensive and valuable paintings, now you can use the walls as direct canvases, not to paint on them but to create them with several other materials.

There are only two materials, namely wood and books, but to make the decorations you need the help of a professional handyman. Instead of making just using the usual square pattern, use a curved model, it looks more elegant and charming.

Simple living room decor with solid colors according to the color palette, but if you want to be safe just use neutral colors. Choose black, white, or brown, adjust it again with the tone you want to emphasize when making the decoration attractive and aesthetic.

To make the decorations look charming and fresh on the shelves, don’t just put books, but add small ornaments, such as ornamental plants or dolls.

Living room and plants

The next living room decoration is a combination of simple living room decoration designs combined with fresh nuances from nature, namely using plants to beautify the room.

In order to create harmonization between the room and its leaf decorations, professional help is needed to provide the best layout direction.

It should be noted that not all flowers are safe when in the house, some flowers can even be dangerous if placed in the house. So the first step in making simple living room decorations is to research what plants are exotic but still safe.

Avoid plants that require a lot of water for maintenance, because it will be difficult for you and make the floor dirty more easily. When everything is ripe, it’s time to be creative in decorating the living room to make it look comfortable, aesthetic, and attractive.

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