Minimalist Living Room Table Design Inspiration – In the living room, some elements that are common and always found are chairs and tables. Both elements of this property can not be separated from the living room. Therefore, many people seek the design of this property with slick and carefully. Well, of the many kinds of properties that are placed in the living room, the design of the guest table or coffee table is often the target. This is because the living room table is one of the important elements that becomes the first impression of anyone who comes to the house, which of course is immediately fixed on the living room.

The living room table is also usually placed in the middle of the living room and is surrounded by chairs or sofas. This can not be separated from the function of the living room table aka coffee table which is used to serve drinks and snacks for guests who come. You will certainly be more confident when welcoming guests if you have a living room design, especially an attractive living room table and can give the appearance of a comfortable and beautiful living room.

Usually, the design of the guest table will be uniform with the use of existing chairs or sofas. So this will be able to create a harmonious impression and maintain the harmony of the property in the living room. However, the selection of the guest table can also be adjusted to the elements you like. You can even choose a unique, modern to minimalist table design to beautify your living room. In addition, the size of the guest table is also the main thing that you need to consider properly. Especially for those of you who have a minimalist living room design or a size that is not too big.

Streamlined marble-topped coffee table

Want your living room to look minimalist and attractive to look at, you can choose the type of streamlined coffee table with marble material on the top. This type of table is very flexible so it can easily be combined with any type of sofa.

2 pieces coffee table with circular design

Next, you can choose a living room table or a coffee table with a round shape of 2 pieces. Its round shape is perfect for a small living room. For the color of the iron frame, you can use gold for a more luxurious feel.

Modern round coffee table with storage lift

For those of you who have a small living room, it feels very full if you place the guest table with separate storage drawer shelves. To outsmart it, you can use a coffee table model with storage drawers. Its round shape and marble material and gold-colored iron frame make the living room table look more modern and classy.

Tree slice coffee table

To make a minimalist living room more lively, you can choose the type of tree slice coffee table. This living room table created from pieces of a large tree trunk has an abstract but very aesthetic shape to beautify the living room.

Streamline coffee table wooden-topped with storage

If a streamlined coffee table with marble material is able to create a modern minimalist feel, then for those of you who like things that smell natural, you can choose the type of streamlined coffee table with wood material. You can choose the type of table with storage shelves to get around a small living room.

Black marble plinth coffee table

The inspiration for the next minimalist living room table design is the black marble plinth coffee table. This block-shaped living room table has a black marble color that looks minimalist but elegant. Suitable for those of you who want to have a living room with a modern minimalist feel.

Bamboo drum coffee table

In addition to wood material, a living room table with bamboo material can also make the feel of a minimalist living room more lively. Choose the type of drum coffee table with bamboo material and a glass top so it looks more beautiful.

Wooden drum coffee table

The wooden drum coffee table is also one of the right living room table choices to create a comfortable atmosphere in your living room. You can decorate this simple living room table by placing a flower vase or a pot of ornamental plants that you like.

Rustic coffee table

Wooden beams can also be a living room table with a charming rustic style. This rustic style table is able to give a natural feel and can make your living room look more aesthetic and attractive.

Hooper storage coffee table

The type of hooper storage coffee table is one of the most popular living room table models today. This type of table at first glance looks like a jengki table but with the use of a more modern rounded model. This table also uses wood material so it looks warm with its earthy and calm brown color.