Minimalist and Comfortable Office Space Design Inspiration to Increase Work Productivity – There are many ways that companies can do to help improve the mood of employees to be more productive at work. For example, by providing facilities such as a coffee maker in the office or by designing a comfortable office space so that employees are more enthusiastic about working. Here are some inspirations for a comfortable office space design.

Minimalist workspace

Decorations that are in harmony with uniform colors characterize this minimalist workspace. A uniform color was chosen to give the impression of a wider wall. This office space design by Jennifer Post occupies the entire wall in the bedroom with a minimalist feel with white color palette accents strategically placed throughout the room.

Space-saving study

The design of this office space features wooden furniture with a simple arrangement to save space but also gives a minimalist impression.

Clean and bright

A clean, bright office space design is the perfect place to think and create, like this design by Lee F. Mindel and Peter L. Shelton. This office space design utilizes natural sunlight to illuminate the room so that it has a clean and bright impression.

Fresh and clean

This fresh and clean office space design by Desai/Chia uses white to make it look clean, but different colors might make a slight difference.

Sleek and unique

This office space design by Charles Gwathmey focuses on super slim curves and a wooden desk that floats like an island. Arranging books according to colors like a rainbow also adds to the uniqueness of this office space design.

Pops of color

For those of you who like bright and striking colors, this one office space design might be right for you. The combination of bright green and gold combined with antique leather, silk rugs and white cabinets by Steven Gambrel might be your inspiration.

Masterful minimalism

The minimalist lifestyle is now increasingly popular, as well as the design of this one office space. Wide windows so that sunlight can enter the room so it doesn’t require a lot of additional lights. The selection of a simple desk and not much furniture is also a feature of the minimalist office space design by Kang Chang from KangModern.

Office with a view

The presence of a garden or a view of green plants can also be a refreshing angle for views of office spaces such as Judy Blume’s office, which is decorated by Malcolm James Kutner. You can place your desk facing the garden so you can rest your eyes after looking at the computer screen for too long.

Neutral workspace

This office space design is inspired by the simple yet bold Beverly Hills office by Brad Dunning. The use of a neutral palette keeps the design looking clean yet elegant and stands out like armchair furniture.

Modern west indies home office

Some of the best office space design ideas are generally based on simplicity, like this Dena Kaye and Dick Fallin design. They transformed the terrace from a living room into an office, then added simple and unique decorations such as a chandelier consisting of note paper. The position of the table facing the window so that it displays the view outside is also the uniqueness of the design of this office space.

Manhattan home office with a stunning view

This office space design by Carlos Aparicio has the main point of view of the city of Manhattan from the top floor. For those of you who live in high-rise apartments or have offices on high floors, this office space design can be your inspiration.

The position of the table does not directly face the window, but the size of the large window is enough to show a beautiful view of Manhattan from the top view.

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