Small Home Car Garage Design Inspiration – Having a small home car garage is the same as having a minimalist car garage.

You need to organize your garage well. This arrangement will make the house with the garage you have look attractive

Car Garage Door with Sliding Iron

Sliding iron is one of the inspirations for a small home car garage that you can imitate.
Usually, this type of garage can be applied to those of you who have a house with a width to the side.
Make a garage with the size of the car you have, also leave space on the right and left so that it is not too narrow.

Car Garage with Canopy Roof

The canopy roof can be a reference for making a nice small home car garage.
The canopy for the popular car garage is usually made of polycarbonate. This type of canopy is made of clear plastic such as glass. There is also a canopy made of uPVC, fiber, and others, depending on your budget.

A Scandinavian-Style Small House Car Garage Special Building

Well, for those of you who have a Scandinavian-style house, you can also make a garage like this.
Usually, this car garage is separate from the house. You can make it on an empty land next to the house.

Car Garage Parallel to the Terrace

You can also do a house with a garage like the inspiration above.
You can make the garage parallel to the terrace. Make sure you set it right, okay?

Car Garage Protector with Fence

The inspiration for this car garage is often carried out by modern minimalist homes.
You can install a house fence as well as a protector for the vehicle.

Garage next to the house

For those of you who have more land next to the house, you can try this inspiration.
You can apply a minimalist car garage next to the house in a small house. The vehicle is still safe.

Make the side of the garden a multi-functional garage

You can also do the side garden in front of the house as a car garage.
Make a garage floor with rocks
nature so that it looks more integrated with the garden.

Car Garage with Ceramic Floor

Small Home Car Garage Small Home Car Garage/Bangkapos
Ceramic floors can be used as a car garage and still look good. Choose a ceramic motif according to the concept of the house. For its location, you can put a car garage with this ceramic base on the side or front of the house.

Use the side of the balcony as a garage

Small Home Car Garage Small Home Car Garage
So, to keep your house multifunctional, take advantage of the empty space from the balcony of the house. Make the bottom of your balcony as a car garage. Keep the car safe and secure in the house.
That’s the inspiration for a small home car garage that you can emulate.

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