Examples of the Latest Minimalist Home Garage Designs – Having a dream house is the desire of many people, in designing a dream house one should not be careless, especially if you don’t have a concept. Home is where we live every day and every day we come home and go to work or school to see the front of the house.

One of the buildings in front of the house that needs to be considered for ideas or inspiration is the garage. Because this is a room at the front of the house that has a very vital function, especially for the parking lot that we have. Because it is unethical for us to park the car on the road in front of the house, because the road in front of the house is a public road.

Take advantage of the curves of the house streets

When you want a minimalist garage, then you can take advantage of the curve of the road in front of the house to place the car. You don’t need to pay extra for the design, you know!

No walls, just need an additional roof

If you want to cut costs in making a garage, then you can build the garage outdoors without using fences or walls, just add a roof.

The balcony becomes one with a minimalist solution garage

When making a garage, you can use the roof on the roof for a balcony, you know! Later you can relax on it and combine two designs at once. Smart isn’t it?

Give the elongated roof shape next to the house

Utilizing the side of the home page can also be used as a garage. The sound just adds a long shaped roof to fit your car.

Parking the car in the yard is not a bad idea

Parking the car in front of the house is not a bad idea, as long as it is safe and comfortable then you can apply it. Just add a roof.

Extend the roof to the side for the garage

The roof formation is like a roof on a house canal to protect your car from the sun and rain. This way you no longer need a garage.

Garage solutions for triangular roof houses

In principle, the same as the points above, but the difference is that you only use one side of the house. So the roof seems sloping but this is very eye catchy.

To be minimalist, you don’t need a wall covering

To highlight the minimalist impression, you no longer need to add an accent wall. Just a beemodel pole and roof so your vehicle has a place to store it.

Integrate roof design to protect vehicle

Still the same as the points above, but this time the difference is by designing the roof to be something more unique by combining it with the Terrace of the House.

Flat roof plus poles become a long garage

Furthermore, if you have many cars and of course you will need garage space, then you can apply a long roof to adjust the car next to the house. Of course, to make it cheaper, don’t add walls.

Create a separate space

only need a curved roof. If earlier the roof was combined with the main design, this time you can design it with a separate roof on the building. Of course, to make it cheaper, you don’t need walls anymore, make it like a gazebo

The pole is modified into a roof

Why not, then you can also modify the pillars of the house to be made into a roof at the same time. This way the design looks more minimalist. And you don’t have to pay extra later.

Garage with folding doors for more flexibility.

Then you can use the concept of a folding door in the garage. When this door is closed it will provide more space than a regular door. So it’s more economical. In addition, this door is also unique and interesting.

Wrapping the wooden garage next to the house

The minimalist impression is shown in the wood accents on the wall next to the house. That way, the atmosphere becomes more natural and cool. No need for additional walls, so that it is minimalist.

Open garage by utilizing the upper room space

The open garage model is often used as a solution for a minimalist garage. In this way the roof of the garage can take advantage of the balcony and you can get double benefits from this design.

Give space 1/3 of the building area for a minimalist garage

To create a minimalist design, you can take a maximum of 1/3 of the length of the building. In this way, your occupancy will be more proportional without losing its function.

Concave Curves on the Side of the House

In general, a street garage can be an option for a home garage. The trick is to take advantage of every curve of the road in the yard and your car doesn’t need to be confused about parking.

Secure the garage of the house with a mini fence

To add to the impression of security then you can give a small fence in front of it. Because sometimes Street Garage has the potential to be a security threat.

The garage doesn’t have to be closed, you know

By carrying this open garage, it can be a solution for minimalist design without leaving the impression of luxury. In your luxury home, just give the impression of a roof with a balcony with poles on the sides.

No need for space, only the roof in the backyard becomes a garage

Spacious backyard? Just give a roof accent without walls to make it more minimalist. This way your car is safe from rain water

Sloping roof house

Just keep going so that it produces space for the garage, just continue the shape of your sloping roof to the side to provide space in the room for a car garage

Underground garage

a smart minimalist solution, by carrying an underground design, your car can be stored without disturbing the concept of the room. More space for smart design

Give a natural impression with vines

With a natural design, a minimalist impression can be shown. You can use vines to strengthen the design.

Put your car under a prominent building

No need for a roof, If you have a building that stands out and provides space, just put your car there. That way you no longer need an additional roof.

Garage under the residence above

Use the lower room of the building to store the car and the upper to the residence.

Give a classic touch with stone ornaments and box designs

A classic touch can accentuate a minimalist impression for that you can add rock ornaments as a wall.

Give a double-sided roof to make it more modern

The double-sided roof is the answer for those of you who want to carry a modern but minimalist style with an open garage.

Put the car into the house

How can it be like an art gallery, by entering a car into the room can also save space for the garage

Leave a special room for your car

Also provide a special room for your car to make it easier to store.

Only one side is given by the wall

Don’t make everything a wall. Just one side is enough so that the minimalist impression is not lost.

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