Non Stuffy Underground Garage Design – Currently, motorized vehicles are goods that have become the primary needs of many people. The distance traveled and the number of family members that make this have an important role. The vehicles whose number continues to grow are cars and motorcycles. One solution that will discuss is an underground garage.

Not infrequently, the high need for vehicles makes a family own several vehicles. This has even become commonplace in society. Unfortunately, the number of vehicles is small and the land is rather difficult to develop.

So many people started to build underground garages as an alternative solution. But this development is not easy, because many things must be considered. For Pins who are interested in building an underground car garage, here are 10 underground garage designs without contents.

Garage under the house

The first underground car garage inspiration was the garage under the house. This garage construction is completely built under the house. The garage door can be pinned on the same side as the front of the house.

However, if these pins are important, it is important to use an adequate design to maintain good air quality in the garage. Not only that, the safety pin can also be fitted with an exhaust fan so that air from outside can enter the garage.

Garage with Lift Door

This underground car garage does have quite sophisticated technology. The use of this up door lift can make Pins’ underground garage invisible from the outside. This door model will probably cost quite a lot of pins. However, this type of door can make the security of the car door more secure.

Hidden Garage with Elevator

If Pin has a land that is not too large, this garage design can be Pin’s choice. This hidden garage with elevator is made with a simple design that will take the car up or down to the underground garage.

The elevator in this garage is the main door for cars to enter and leave the car garage. So this one design is perfect for Pins with a land that is not too large to build a garage door.

Garage Under the Garden

This garage model does have a very cool design. This underground car garage is built under the garden so that the top of the garage is planted with trees and plants.

Not only plants, Pins can also add other objects such as garden chairs or swings in the garden, even at the bottom of the garage garden. So that this park can still function as a real park.

Garage in the backyard

If Pin’s backyard is large enough, Pin can be used as an underground car garage, you know! Pins can build a small path as the main route for cars to enter the garage.

Not only that, Pins can also combine the garden by making a path to the garage. So Pin can still create a small garden in the backyard even though there is a garage door in the backyard.

Garage under the Lounge

The garage design under the lounge can also be one of Pins’ inspirations in building an underground car garage. If Pins has a lounge, Pins can build the lower part of the room as a garage.

Garage with Folding Doors

Folding doors are very often used as garage doors. This door is very easy to open and close and is quite safe to use as a car garage door. Not only that, this folding door can also be opened with a distance that is adjusted to the needs of the safety pin.

Garage Under the Terrace

The next underground car garage inspiration is the garage under the terrace. This garage design has been widely applied in homes to save space, especially in homes with land that is not too wide. Not only that, with its location under the terrace, Pins is also closer to the garage.

Garage with Hallway

This garage model is indeed very appropriate if applied to a house with a large enough area. This garage aisle serves as the main way in and out of the car from the underground car garage. To make this garage hallway even cooler, Pin can add LED lights so that the hallway is not too dark at night.

Underground Garage with Garden

If previously we discussed the underground car garage located under the park, it is different from this garage model. In this design the garage is made with a garden in it. This small garden can be made in a garage with a large enough area. Having a garden in the garage can make the garage feel cooler and more natural.

That’s a list of underground garage designs that Pins can inspire in building a garage. May be useful!

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