Basement Design Inspiration and How to Make It – Building your own dream house is a dream come true for everyone. Being able to own a house is a very pleasant thing, especially if you are directly involved in designing the appearance of the house. One of the building designs that is quite interesting and is still rarely found is a house that has a basement.

It feels like a sweet dream to anyone, especially if you’ve ever tried and experienced living in a dungeon. Although in Indonesia itself, houses with rooms in the ground are still quite rare, but it is not a difficult process to do. So that you can enjoy your own dungeon then this article will discuss about:

  • Steps to Build a Basement at Home
  • Dungeon function
  • 5 Cool Basement Design Examples
  • Underground Simple Gym Room
  • Dungeon Dream Gaming Room
  • Underground Music Studio Room
  • Simple Underground Cinema
  • Underground Bedroom
  • Tips for Building a Basement and Minimizing Mistakes

Steps to Build a Basement at Home

Building a basement is one of the desires that is quite interesting. Building such additional space is not complicated but requires a short process and careful calculations because the strength of the structure of a building will greatly affect the soil you take under it.
If you are interested in building an additional room in the basement then there are several steps you need to follow as follows:

Building a room in the ground is different from building a building in general on the ground. The construction process needs to be carried out carefully so as not to interfere with the structural condition of the main building of your house and endanger all the occupants in it.

Make a mapping under your house first, make sure that there are no wells, underground gas pipes and other power lines that can endanger the construction process being carried out.

The excavation process will take a long time if you do not use heavy equipment. Make sure you have permission from the locals to do the construction and use the heavy equipment.
When the excavation process is complete, you can decide what type of wall you want to use.

There are many types of wall or wall materials that you can use for the basement. Walls made of cast concrete are one of the best choices because they can provide good structural strength compared to having to use wooden walls in the basement.
Since the basement doesn’t have a natural light source, don’t forget to also add a variety of additional lights to illuminate the entire room properly and prevent eye damage.

Dungeon Function

Owning a dungeon is one of those things that is very unique and different. Not all houses have a basement so having a basement can give your home a unique impression. Even though it sounds interesting, it turns out that the basement of your house also has several functions, you know. Below are some basement functions that you need to know:

You will have an additional place or space for activities that are more comfortable and not disturbed by the noise of the surrounding environment.

In the basement you also have one more place to store your things so they don’t fall apart.
The basement is free of windows allowing anyone to peek in and know what activity is going on.

You can use the invisible space as a place to exercise in peace. Building a gym in a basement is a very interesting thing that you can try to apply to your free space.

5 Examples of Very Cool Basement Designs

Having additional space in the basement certainly opens up opportunities for you to be creative and create a unique and different room. Below are some cool basement design ideas and examples that can be the best inspiration for you:

Underground Simple Gym Room

One of the basements that you can try to build first is the gym basement. Having a gym in the basement gives you the freedom to exercise in privacy without having to be afraid of being seen and noticed by others because the basement has no windows at all.

Dungeon Dream Gaming Room

If you have ambitions to become a professional game streamer then you can build your own dream game room underground. Room to play games and stream while playing games is every teenager’s dream nowadays. The room that is in the ground will make noise from outside will not enter inside and interfere with your gaming session at all.

Underground Music Studio Room

If you have a high artistic spirit and want to play music without having to be afraid of disturbing your neighbors around the house, then you can try having an underground music studio space that is very isolated from the houses that are near where you live. Owning an underground music studio gives you the opportunity to play songs without having to worry about noise disturbing your neighborhood.

Simple Cinema in the Basement

Have you ever had the desire to have your own simple cinema at home? This desire can be realized by making a simple cinema located in the basement. Change the look of the room by setting up some chairs and turning it into a simple underground cinema. Good acoustic ground conditions will make the cinema room have a good sound reflection and not spread everywhere.

Underground Bedroom

The basement can magically be turned into a basement bedroom that is comfortable and different from the usual bedroom. Its position in the ground will probably make the room a little darker, so you can prepare a room with good lighting to replace the zero sunlight in the bedroom.

Tips for Building a Basement and Minimizing Mistakes

You can’t just grab a shovel and dig a room in your basement just to build a room. Because the room must be in the ground and different from the room in general, it takes a lot of calculations for the room to be perfect. You can follow these basement building tips to minimize mistakes:

Perform electrical installations for the room in the ground properly and correctly so that there is no troublesome electrical short circuit.

Conditions in the ground are not always comfortable, you need to add an additional layer of heat insulation to the walls and floor of the room.

Do not forget to add good and proper ventilation. The air in the ground is very stuffy and requires good ventilation so that you can breathe properly and comfortably.
Apply a leak-proof and moisture-proof coating on the walls and basement floors to prevent water from entering and damaging your existing interior.

That’s an easy step in building a dungeon. Make sure the room is built using good and correct steps to avoid problems in the future.

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