modern minimalist and contemporary coffee shop design – If you have a limited budget to open a coffee shop or coffee shop, you can imitate the concept of this first minimalist coffee shop. You just need to buy some furniture such as a bar table and cashier’s table, with a few tables and chairs to put in the cafe or on the front. So you can keep opening a coffee shop to find out whether the shop you are renting is potential or not.

Mini Coffee Shop

Still the same as the previous concept, but for this coffee shop design, it has a more limited design. So with a minimalist design with a classic concept like the design example above, you can still open a coffee shop next to your house or in a crowded area with a limited space or shophouse.

Modern Minimalist Coffee Shop

If you have a more budget, you can try the design concept we provided above. You can design a coffee shop with wooden floors, wall decorations with shelves filled with plant pots, use unique chandeliers and also some classic cafe tables and chairs.

Modern Coffee Shop

Furthermore, there is a mini coffee shop concept with a design that looks more modern from the front. You can sample this front view design when you want to open a mini coffee shop business. And you can add chairs or tables in front of the cafe for people who want to drink coffee with an outdoor atmosphere.

Classic Design For Coffee Shop

If you look at the many coffee shops in the city you live in, surely most of these cafes use a classic design. And this fifth design is an example of a classic mini coffee shop design with furniture made of wood.

Modern Minimalist Coffee Shop

Who says a mini coffee shop can’t look modern and minimalist, the example above proves that when you can design a mini coffee shop with the right concept, it will produce a comfortable and pleasant room.

Cafe Wall Pictures

In addition to decorating the coffee shop table and chair furniture that you have, you can give a unique decoration on the walls. Like the example above, you can draw or write on the cafe wall to make it look more attractive to customers.

Simple Coffee Shop Design

Designing and decorating a simple coffee shop you can imitate from the design of this one shop. You simply add a bar table, a display case for displaying cakes or food and also a cash register. Coupled with some chairs and tables for places to eat food and drinks from the coffee shop that you have.

Minimalist Coffee Shop Design

If the shop or shophouse that you rent to open a coffee shop is limited, then the concept of a chair attached to the wall like the example above can save a lot of space. So that the coffee shop that you create in a narrow or limited place can accommodate more customers.

Mini Coffee Shop Decoration

To beautify the mini coffee shop that you have now or you just want to open, you can imitate the decoration of this one mini coffee shop. You can add an iron shelf above the bar table and the cashier’s table above it by adding interesting decorations.

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