Cool! 10 Inspirations for Ornamental Plants for the Living Room – The living room is one of the most important parts of the house. Generally, the living room is the first room that is located at the front.

The living room is also a determinant that gives the impression for guests who are visiting Mama’s house.

Because its function is quite important, Mama must pay attention to the beauty of the living room at home.

One of them, by putting ornamental plants as living room decorations.

Green ornamental plants can make the atmosphere of the room more beautiful and refreshing.

Not only beautiful in terms of visuals, but the presence of ornamental plants in the living room also enhances air circulation in the house. However, not all types of plants are suitable to be placed indoors.

The soft stem structure, the large number of leaves and the relatively small size are the physical criteria for ornamental plants that you can place in your living room.

In addition, overall indoor ornamental plants are usually more adaptable to their needs for sunlight.

But of course, you have to take it out every now and then so that the ornamental plants get direct sunlight to survive.

Peace lily can still bloom even indoors

At first glance this ornamental plant is similar to lilies, but don’t be fooled by the name, Ma.

Peace lily is not a species of lilies, you know, but from a different order or family.

Amazingly, peace lily is an ornamental plant that can still flower even indoors, this plant can also grow well despite lack of light. Wow!

In addition to beautifying Mama’s living room, peace lily also has the ability to clean the room from certain VOCS substances released by paint products on the walls of the house.

This type of ornamental plant is suitable for Mama who has a living room with an elegant modern concept that is dominant with clean white walls.

Chrysanthemum or chrysanthemum is very beautiful for the living room

In Indonesia, chrysanthemums are more popular with the name chrysanthemums.

This ornamental plant, besides being known for its beautiful color, also has a very fragrant floral aroma.

Having the advantage of a very fragrant aroma, chrysanthemums can also bring a relaxed and cool feel to Mama’s living room so that it can relieve stress.

In addition, with a distinctive soft aroma, chrysanthemums are also usually added to tea to make it taste more delicious and fragrant.

Want to try mom?

Orchids give a classic impression in the house

Orchids are known as one of the ornamental plants with their beauty and elegance.

Just by putting an orchid in a vase in Mama’s living room, in an instant the room will look luxurious.

The long orchid flower stalk makes the orchid look very elegant, so it’s no wonder that it can be combined with any room style.

In addition, orchids are also ornamental plants that are suitable to be kept indoors.

However, orchid care, especially indoors, is quite difficult and requires high costs.

Prepare more money, Ma, if you choose orchids as ornamental plants for the living room at home.

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Cactus gives a different color to the living room

The charm of the cactus will never fade. Many people choose cactus as their favorite plant as a room decoration, whether it’s a mini cactus or flower cactus.

Cacti are known as plants that are able to adapt to hot climates with very minimal rainfall.

Cacti are also the right choice for mothers who don’t have much time to take care of plants regularly, because cacti can survive indoors and don’t need too much water for a long time.

No wonder this ornamental plant is able to be excellent for indoor plants.

Snake plant can grow even in low water conditions

Snake plant or also known as mother-in-law’s tongue plant is a genus of ornamental plants that is quite popular as an interior decoration, because this plant can grow even in conditions of little water and sunlight.

This plant has physical characteristics of leaves that are hard, long, succulent, erect, with a pointed tip.

Oh yes, did you know, this mother-in-law’s tongue plant, besides being beautiful, has a lot of benefits.

Besides being able to beautify the room, it turns out that the sap can also be used as an antiseptic medicine.

Lavender is known to repel insects, especially mosquitoes

Who does not know this flower that comes from France, yep lavender flowers.

This purple beauty, besides being known as an ornamental plant that is suitable to be placed indoors.

Lavender has many advantages when compared to other ornamental plants, one of which is known to repel insects, especially mosquitoes.

Not only that, lavender is a favorite ornamental plant to add to the beauty of the home room because lavender has the ability to release substances whose aroma can make the body feel relaxed, help sleeplessness and cure headaches.

So, don’t think twice about putting lavender in Mama’s living room at home.

Golden pothos is a hardy plant

If you like ornamental plants with simple shapes, golden pothos can be an option to beautify your living room at home.

This plant has a very strong survival ability, one of the ornamental plants that is very hardy even though Mama put it in a place that lacks sunlight.

Therefore, golden photos are perfect for mothers who lack experience in caring for ornamental plants.

Monstera is still a popular plant

Monstera is a very popular ornamental plant today.

This plant has about 50 species, but the most famous is the type of monstera deliciosa or swiss cheese plant.

Monstera is a plant that is basically good when placed in a dark place, therefore if you want to put it in the living room choose a place that is far from direct sunlight.

This ornamental plant also doesn’t like water very much, so if you want to water when the soil starts to dry, then Ma.

Philodendrons need to be constantly watered indoors

This plant has a long enough resistance to be used as an ornamental plant in the room, it is better to place it in a slightly dark room because it requires low light intensity.

However, when summer comes it is advisable to water frequently and not let the soil dry out completely.

Meanwhile, when the rainy season arrives, reduce the frequency to water it.

The tips, when these plants grow, add liquid fertilizer every two weeks, Ma.

Roses give the impression of beauty in every room

To create a romantic atmosphere, roses are the right choice to add to the beauty of the living room atmosphere.

With a series of roses placed in a glass vase, it will give a beautiful and elegant impression.

Usually roses as ornamental plants, are available in two types of color choices, namely pastel and coral.

The shape of the petals is tight, the rose is very beautiful to look at and gives a warm feel when the family gathers in the living room.