Garden House Design Inspiration in Narrow Land. Beautiful & Healthy! – Making a garden house at home is not only useful for adding aesthetics, but at the same time it is healthy! Here are 5 inspirations.

Staying at home during the Covid-19 pandemic is undeniably stressful.

One way to get away from stress is to see the beautiful plants in the garden house.

In addition to releasing stress, seeing plants can also build a positive and creative mindset from home.

In fact, this has been scientifically proven.

According to a 2002 University of Reading study, looking at green leaves will make a person think clearly.

Making a garden house doesn’t always require a large area

Wow, that’s the right solution to get rid of fatigue due to being constantly at home?

garden house design inspiration on minimalist land

For those of you who are still going back and forth to create a garden at home, this is the inspiration for garden designs on minimalist land!

A garden with a classic concept

Classic garden house inspiration can be applied through several approaches, namely simple decorations with many types of plants behind the house.

Not only in terms of decorations and plants, you can also combine classic gardens with installation art.

Such as wood and ceramic displays as well as paintings, so they look elegant.

Garden plots in the backyard

You can also turn a small plot in the backyard into a garden house that is very comfortable and ideal for families.

You can do the inspiration for the garden plot, from the use of artificial grass, unique plants to some furniture that can give a relaxed impression.

Green living room

The application of green shades on the side of the living room looks very natural, so the atmosphere of the house looks fresh without air conditioning.

The green nuance will be more exciting with the selection of natural furniture at home.

Contemporary garden house

Want to have a garden that is efficient and functional?

Contemporary garden inspiration on narrow land can be an attractive modern alternative.

Garden decorations that can be displayed on the walls of the house and front yard can be the best way to maximize space.

In addition to the use of green plants, it could not hurt to combine other elements such as natural stone decorations and paths in the garden house.

Simple indoor garden

Indirect gardens must be on the outdoor side or the exchange of outdoor and indoor spaces, but can also be directly inside the house.

The simple garden-inspired design consists of several parts of the house’s unique greenery, which are planted in strategic locations.

If you are planning to build a simple garden house, one good way is to place it right in the air as well as lighting.

That way, the process of photosynthesis can run well.