Minimalist Garden Design Inspiration Next to the House – Having a yard next to the house in several houses located at a crossroads is one of the advantages to designing optimally. A well-made minimalist garden next to the house will add an epic impression to the house.

Don’t get the wrong model or you will give the impression of a garden, that’s all. Let’s take a peek at the simple and modern minimalist garden beside the house here.

Brick Road

Showing a minimalist garden next to a simple house with a brick street design can be a rare inspiration. A garden designed with bricks will give a lively color but still look simple.

It can be said that the design is ancient but the beautiful atmosphere will continue to be maintained and you can feel it. The brick roads also prevent flooding and stagnant water when it rains.


Minimalist garden design next to the house can be designed in a Mediterranean style. So you no longer need to go on vacation just to get this exotic impression.

Make a side house garden that has trees, vines, green grass, roads, and round grass so that it feels like a vacation to a beautiful garden and not at home. Do not leave comfortable sofas and tables to relax.

Next to the house

For a small house, having a small side garden with a small size will be very pleasant. Design as you like or put some small green plants and tall but skinny plants.

The house will feel very alive even though it only has a small but long garden.

Earth Floor

With an earth floor garden design, it will be suitable for a minimalist home with a monochrome design. Even if you relax in the afternoon then you will feel its own pleasure.

For the garden itself, simply make it simple with short grass and green leaves and add a patio chair and a small table to relax.

Black Iron Fence

Black iron in the design of your home is categorized as a neutral material so that any garden is very suitable to be combined with it. You can apply the examples of inspiration above to a minimalist iron fence.

Wooden Fence

If you have a wooden fence design then it is suitable to use green vines and some plants in the ground. Can also add a few touches of flowers and grass on the page.


The use of the canopy is to prevent the scorching heat when the sun starts to get high. In fact, you can also create new inspiration for making a modern mini garden for a minimalist home.

Usually there is a green canopy from a wooden frame so that it is overgrown with vines. Well, that’s your chance to add to the impression of a garden by adding a long table, chairs, and other plants so that it feels like you’re having a picnic in the garden.


The colorful garden beside the house is also suitable for use in simple minimalist home designs with white shades. You can add some striking flowers to make the garden more colorful such as roses, jasmine, sun, and others.


Minimalist houses known for their clean white designs can also be used as a basis for making colorful gardens. You can give some plants like the picture of a minimalist garden next to the house above.

Add it to the white streets that are partitioned with some short green grass. A design like this is suitable for use in a minimalist garden next to a narrow house.

Wooden Chocolate

Having wooden walls is also very commonly used in warm minimalist homes. In addition, at night there is a yellow light as a highlight that illuminates.

If it is supported by a green garden without any other colors, it will certainly look very classy and memorable. People who see it will also feel that your house is very luxurious with a simple garden next to the house.