Inspiration for Organizing a Simple Front Garden – The front garden of the house occupies a very important position in terms of occupancy. Aside from being the first impression of people who come to visit, the park is also a place to be able to spend time relaxing and hanging out with family

As a place where many activities occur, you need to arrange the front garden of this simple house into a beautiful and comfortable place.

Tips for Making a Simple Home Front Garden

Have an aesthetic minimalist garden, especially after the many design ideas to decorate your home garden.

Well, here we have prepared some simple garden design inspirations that you can choose from.

Green and Beautiful Shades

If you like a green and fresh look, you can consider using grass.

Then, add beautiful ornamental plants, such as bougenville, fan pandanus, and lantana. Choose ornamental plants that are simple and can create a more comfortable impression.

A Place To Relax

The next trick you can add is a simple garden table and chairs. So, you can sit back and relax in the garden while enjoying the fresh air.

Use a Vertical Garden

If you only have a small garden area, you can try the concept of a vertical garden.

This trick can still give an aesthetic impression while making the walls of your home more alive.

Hanging Plants

In addition to the concept of a vertical garden, you can also use hanging plants for a very minimalist garden.

Look for pots with warm colors, such as sage green and white.

Mini Pool Concept

A simple home garden is not an excuse not to have a pool. You can make a mini pond by adjusting the size of the garden. To beautify, also install some rock pools and small waterfalls.

Playground for Little Ones

The garden of the house can be used as a place to play too, you know. By adding play equipment, such as swings or trampolines.

Here are trampoline recommendations that you can use to turn your home garden into a play area.

Garden with Cobblestone Path

This park does not use grass as a footing, but uses coral. Coral is shaped like a path and in the area around the coral. Then, add small plant pots to make the garden look more harmonious.

Tropical Forest

In addition to small ornamental plants, you can also use large plants, such as palm trees, fir trees, and bamboo. This plant can create a soothing forest feel.

Balinese Theme Park

Bali-themed gardens are perfect for those of you who like exotic places. You can add some furniture and decorations with Balinese nuances, as in the image below.

Garden with swing

Use swings to beautify the garden at home. You can also add a path to provide peace.

Well, those were some inspirations for the front garden design of the house that you can apply. Even though it is simple, it still provides the value of beauty and comfort.

For those of you who are ready to arrange a simple front garden, you can find various decorations and other equipment