Kitchen and Dining Room Design Open Plan Concept – The kitchen and dining room are very important places for your home so you need to make them as comfortable as possible. The concept of an open plan can help you make it happen. With this concept, the room in your house will look wider so you can feel more free and relieved. Of course, it will be very beautiful if you apply this concept to the kitchen and dining room in your home.

Round dining table and soft sofa in neutral color combination

Want your family dining atmosphere to feel more intimate? Use a round dining table and add a soft sofa to add comfort to your dining room. You can make it right next to your kitchen. Choosing neutral colors like black, white, and cream can add to the comfort.

All white and the kitchen table blends with the dining table

To save more space, you can combine the kitchen table with your dining table. On the front side you can use it for eating and the other side for cutting dishes or washing dishes. In addition, by using an all-white color, your open plan kitchen and dining room design will look much wider and cleaner, Ruppers.

Rustic theme with brick walls and antique table

This one theme is often a favorite of many people because of its unique impression. You can use decorations that look old or worn, such as brick walls and antique tables. If you want to add decoration, you can display flower vases and antique decorative lights to sweeten it.

Bohemian theme with marble kitchen walls and wooden picnic tables

Who doesn’t like this bohemian theme right now? Many people use the bohemian theme as a bedroom design, minimalist living room, and others. It would be a good idea for you to apply it also in the dining room and kitchen of your open plan concept. Combine it with a marble-patterned kitchen wall to make it more charming.

Beach or nautical theme with fishing net chairs and beach painting

Do you like the beach? How about bringing the beach to your home? If you are interested, make a kitchen and dining room design with this beach or nautical theme. You can use a round table with plaid chairs in the style of fishing nets. Also add a painting depicting the beach on the wall. It must be unique, right, bringing the beach into the house?

Scandinavian style kitchen and dining area

Scandinavian-style interiors are also very popular these days. Of course, this design will be very beautiful if you apply it in the dining room and open kitchen in your home. Use vinyl flooring or wood motifs and wooden furniture. You can also add other decorations with black to make it more elegant.

Monochrome theme with wood accents

Monochrome is one of those simple yet very attractive themes. Use black and white in your decor and also add wood accents to the legs of a chair or table. To beautify, also add a minibar chair on your kitchen table.

Luxurious design with marble floors and walls plus glass chairs

The concept of an open plan but still luxurious? You can! Use marble floors and walls to create a luxurious feel. You can also use a chair made of glass which is unique and very charming. Add a decorative chandelier with a gold color to add to the luxury of your dining room and kitchen.

Minibar table becomes a dining table

Your house does not have a large space? Make the minibar table as the main table of your dining room. This design will be very suitable for you a small family or for an apartment because it does not require too large a space.

Japanese-style kitchen and dining room with large wood and glass elements

Who really likes Japanese-style interior design? You can try this one design that uses clean white wall paint coupled with beautiful wooden furniture. A simple kitchen set will also be beautiful with this design.

Bright and warm shades

Do you want to make a dining room that feels warm and inviting? Try out this one idea! Use yellow paint on the walls and kitchen sets in light colors. Put it together with a simple wooden dining table. Your kitchen and dining room will definitely have a fun look.

The furniture made of teak wood will be very classy.

Teak wood is known for being strong, durable, and beautiful. Use teak wood for the dining room and kitchen set. To improve the look of your dining room and kitchen, you can also add accessories in the form of fake plants.

The kitchen and dining room have an industrial look.

Behind this, the industrial theme is also a design that many people like. Not a lot of money is needed to make this design. Make a wall in the style of adobe that isn’t painted and add decorations made of wood, iron, or used pipes.

As a wall, the dining table is attached to the wall.

You can make the dining table stick to the wall and act as a barrier between the kitchen and other rooms in your house. With this design, you can save more space.

Blues and whites with yellow accents that look good.

Design that is both soothing and new? Isn’t that interesting? In your kitchen and dining room, use white and dark blue. Add yellow to the chairs and decorations as well. It’s for sure going to be cooler!

Inventive semi-outdoor idea

You can try the idea of going with the flow of nature. Use strong, long-lasting furniture made of wood. You can also add some unique plants or trees to enhance your design.

With green paint on the walls and marble countertops, this house is unique.

This design is natural and elegant because it uses wood and green paint on the walls. The marble table also makes your dining room and kitchen look classy and expensive.

With a grid design and vinyl flooring

Who likes simple designs? This one grid theme can be used. The grid is a simple pattern of black and white squares. Use this pattern on the tablecloths and tiles in your kitchen. Add a light vinyl floor and white paint to the room.

The walls are unfinished cement, and there are cute stickers on them.

Want your kids to be quiet while they eat? Make this kitchen and dining room design with a fun theme. This plan only needs unfinished cement walls and some cute wall stickers to come to life. Add a range of warm and homey decorations as well.

The kitchen and dining room have a simple look.

Minimalism is the last style that people really want. The dining room can be simple but still look nice and be comfortable. Use modern and simple furniture to decorate your open-plan kitchen and dining room.

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