Luxury Dining Room Design Recommendations. The Right Choice for Sultan’s House and Crazy Rich – This is a recommendation for a luxurious dining room design, definitely perfect for those of you who have a luxurious and stately house in the style of the Sultan, let’s see the design.

If you have a luxury home, of course, you prefer a room design that is no less magnificent.

Maybe you don’t choose the classic style, but still want a minimalist or contemporary touch.

At least, you can have a luxurious dining room with minimalist and contemporary elements.

Not only a room with an elegant classic style, there is an interesting mix in the dining room.

For those of you who often entertain guests such as family or friends, the family room is an area that needs attention.

Installing Cool Wallpaper

Pictures of a luxurious dining room featuring a beautiful wallpaper background, of course, make the dining room look different.

There are many ways to beautify a luxurious minimalist dining room, one of which is to beautify the walls.

Large Dining Table

The design of the large dining room, there is a large table that can accommodate 12 people at once.

To beautify this minimalist and luxurious dining room, you can install a large mirror.

Choose Two Different Colors

The design of the dining room is narrow and luxurious, which shows dining chairs in different colors.

This beautiful dining room has a wooden table and dining chairs made of velvet, really cool.

Dining Chairs and Dining Tables with Carving

Classic luxury dining room design which has dining chairs and dining table with beautiful carvings.

If a luxurious dining room and a luxurious family room are indeed one, make sure the household furniture looks harmonious.

Contemporary Design That Looks Luxurious

Pictures of a minimalist luxury dining room with a contemporary style can be the right choice.

This modern and contemporary dining room is certainly suitable for the millennial generation who wants to have a luxurious-looking home interior.

Gold Chair Legs

Luxurious dining room with a beautiful wooden dining table and dining chairs with gold legs.

If you want to create the impression of an elegant luxury dining room, make sure there are accents that show it.

Choosing the Right Table Shape

When choosing a luxurious dining room design, don’t forget the right table shape, an oval shape like an egg can be an option.

Usually, the choice of the dining table is round or rectangular, you can choose another shape.

Beautiful Chandelier

The design of a luxurious dining room that has a beautiful chandelier, of course, makes the room more beautiful.

Don’t forget to add other decorations such as statues, plants, carpets, and much more.

Small Dining Table

A small minimalist luxury dining room, there is a round table and only four dining chairs.

If your house is indeed small, you can still present a dining room like this.

Choice of Dining Chair Shapes

Many choices of dining chairs for a luxurious dining room at home, as well as materials and designs.

You can adjust, especially if the dining room and luxury kitchen become one in an open concept.

When designing a luxury kitchen and dining room design, make sure that the design does make it one, but there is still a separation.

In addition to a luxurious dining room, of course you want a luxurious family room and a luxurious kitchen and a luxurious modern living room.