Wardrobe Design Inspiration, All Forms and Design Options Available Completely. Just Chosen!

luxury wardrobe

propertyrealestate.pro – 0When you want to buy a wardrobe, of course you will face so many design choices. Not only that, you also have to choose colors, motifs, to the choice of wood, all of which can certainly make you dizzy Actually, you don’t need to worry because the first thing to do is measure … Read more

Fish Pond Inspiration in Front of the House, Choose a Minimalist Style and Japanese Design?


propertyrealestate.pro – A number of contemporary hobbies are in vogue, starting from cultivating plants, raising animals such as fish, and others. There is nothing wrong if you also start raising fish, even having a fish pond in front of the house, right next to the terrace of a simple house. If many people choose betta … Read more

Classic House Models And Designs

Classic House

propertyrealestate.pro – The trend of modern minimalist homes which is increasing in popularity does not make classic house architectural designs lose fans. Most people who choose a classic design to apply to their dwelling also want to describe their character as the owner of the house, because for some people, the house is not just … Read more

European Classic Luxury House Inspiration, Definitely a Sultan!


propertyrealestate.pro – European classic house types come from ancient Greece and Rome. The concept of this house is characterized by symmetry, columns, rectangular windows, and uses a lot of marble material. Over the centuries, classical architects have attracted attention and influence in the present century when conglomerates or who are now familiarly called ‘Sultans’ have … Read more

Simple Minimalist Home Terrace Design Model

Minimalist Home Terrace

propertyrealestate.pro – Here’s a collection of inspirational pictures of simple minimalist home terrace designs that Sejasa.com has collected for you! easy beautiful terrace with 2 minimalist chairs to relax or wait for guests. The existence of a lake filled with live lotus flowers makes your terrace look sweet and totally different.simple minimalist home terrace style … Read more