Non Stuffy Underground Garage Design

Garage under the house – Currently, motorized vehicles are goods that have become the primary needs of many people. The distance traveled and the number of family members that make this have an important role. The vehicles whose number continues to grow are cars and motorcycles. One solution that will discuss is an underground garage. Not infrequently, the … Read more

Basement Design Inspiration and How to Make It

Basement Design – Building your own dream house is a dream come true for everyone. Being able to own a house is a very pleasant thing, especially if you are directly involved in designing the appearance of the house. One of the building designs that is quite interesting and is still rarely found is a house … Read more

Minimalist and Comfortable Office Space Design Inspiration to Increase Work Productivity

office space/workspace – There are many ways that companies can do to help improve the mood of employees to be more productive at work. For example, by providing facilities such as a coffee maker in the office or by designing a comfortable office space so that employees are more enthusiastic about working. Here are some inspirations … Read more

Small Home Car Garage Design Inspiration – Having a small home car garage is the same as having a minimalist car garage. You need to organize your garage well. This arrangement will make the house with the garage you have look attractive Car Garage Door with Sliding Iron Sliding iron is one of the inspirations for a small home car … Read more