This is a multipurpose room that can be applied at home or in the office

multipurpose building – A multipurpose room is also known as a function room, multipurpose room, or multifunctional room. In general, a multipurpose room is the merging of two spaces into one. Most of the time, there isn’t a wall between these spaces; instead, they are combined into one. This room is usually found in a building … Read more

Ancient Architectural Buildings That Are Still Magnificent Until Now

magnificent building – Like science, the art of architecture also develops over time. However, we cannot deny that some of the works of ancient architecture have not been matched until now. During the Hindu-Buddhist period there were many outward architectural works. There is a kind of blend of races, nations, religions and works of art in … Read more

Earthquake Resistant House Concept

earthquake proof building – Basically, the term anti-earthquake house refers to the meaning of a house that is built with consideration in terms of security and strength of the house so that it can stand strong even though it is shaken by a powerful earthquake. It is far more correct to call this type of house an … Read more

luxury and aesthetic building – Currently, the concept of a minimalist home is still the choice of many people. Therefore, the minimalist concept also applies to the front porch of the house. Therefore, this article will be the inspiration for the most favorite minimalist and aesthetic front porch as follows: Terrace with Sofa and Wooden Floor Minimalist Home … Read more