This is a multipurpose room that can be applied at home or in the office – A multipurpose room is also known as a function room, multipurpose room, or multifunctional room. In general, a multipurpose room is the merging of two spaces into one. Most of the time, there isn’t a wall between these spaces; instead, they are combined into one.

This room is usually found in a building such as a hotel, whose function can be used to hold meetings, banquets, exhibitions, and wedding receptions. 

But nowadays, multipurpose rooms can also be applied in residences. In essence, the room turns into a multipurpose room if it has various functions that can be combined. For example, presenting a family room as well as a workspace. 

Types of Multipurpose Rooms 

In a building, the multipurpose room has three types that are adjusted to their respective functions. Here are some types and functions of multipurpose rooms:

Meeting Room

As the name implies, a meeting room is a type of multipurpose room that functions as a meeting place. The capacity is usually smaller with tables, chairs, and meeting support equipment such as projectors.

Conference Hall

This type of conference hall room has a large capacity of around 500–1000 people. In this room, there are complete facilities and adequate equipment support, including professionals who work in it when this room is used. 

Banquet Hall

A banquet hall is a specially designed room, both in interior and equipment, which is usually used for banquet events. People can find this type of room as a place to organize indoor wedding receptions. 

Types of Layout for Function Rooms

Each function room has a different layout. Usually, this layout will adjust its use. This layout is related to the arrangement and layout of equipment that supports the implementation of the event. Here are the types of layouts in a multipurpose room: 

U-Shaped Style

The U-Shaped layout type is often found in meeting events in Indonesia. This function room is designed with a pattern of benches and chairs shaped like the letter U.

The U-shape is intended to make it easier for speakers to interact with meeting participants. Usually, this type is used for meetings with a capacity of up to 20 people. 

V-Shape Style

Besides the U-shape, there is also a V-shape arrangement. The concept is similar to U-Shaped, only the table is made to resemble the letter V, where more than one prop is installed at the front. The goal is for all participants to clearly see what the speaker is presenting. 

Classroom Style 

This layout is like a classroom, where participants sit on chairs behind the table. This model is often found in upgrading events, training programs, and the like. 

If it is used for a large meeting, this classroom layout is not the best because it is hard to reach the people in the back.

Theater Style

A theater-style layout is used in events with a large capacity. This model is only installed with chairs without tables to accommodate more participants. 

At the front, a table with chairs is installed as a head table for the speaker. Not to forget, a large screen is installed so that it can reach all participants in the back. 

Easy Tips for Creating a Multipurpose Room at Home

In fact, pins can also create their own function room at home. As its definition, this function room has more than one function, so it needs to be designed with a warm touch.

Interested in bringing a function room into your home? Check out the following tips!

Choose the Room with the Biggest Size

The room that is usually the largest of the other rooms in the house can be used as a multipurpose room. If you want to change the room all the time, you should not use insulation in this area.

Don’t forget to organize the layout of the multipurpose room in a residence in harmony with each function of the room. For example, a multipurpose room that has a dining room in it must be arranged according to the needs of the number of residents or family members who usually use it.

Make Use of Multifunctional Furniture

So that the function of the room can be appropriate, the selection of furniture in the multipurpose room is very important. The goal is that, even though it has many functions, the room feels spacious and airy. Even to make it comfortable, the arrangement of supporting elements can add a relaxed impression to this space. 

To outsmart this, Pins can equip multifunctional furniture. For example, a table equipped with a shelf placed in one corner of the room. Or you can use a multi-tiered shelf to store various important items.

Consider using portable furniture.

In addition to looking for furniture that can be used for more than one thing, choose portable pieces that are easy to put together and take apart.

For example, use a portable table that can be folded, a shelf that can be folded into a table when needed, and so on. 

Usage of Electronic Devices 

Electronic equipment is space equipment that must be considered when creating a multipurpose room in the house. Pins can include a television in this area. If necessary, Pins can also add a home theater.