Ancient Architectural Buildings That Are Still Magnificent Until Now – Like science, the art of architecture also develops over time. However, we cannot deny that some of the works of ancient architecture have not been matched until now. During the Hindu-Buddhist period there were many outward architectural works. There is a kind of blend of races, nations, religions and works of art in this historic building.

Interestingly, although science was not as good as it is today, in fact some historical buildings were made with high-level architectural works. Here are some ancient architectural works with high quality in recent times.

Borobudur Temple

There is no right choice but to place Borobudur Temple in first place. The building, which was built during the reign of King Samaratungga in 825 AD, is recognized by UNESCO as one of the world’s masterpieces.

The building is 42 meters high with 10 stories. Each level represents arupadhatu (humans who are free of lust, appearance, and form), Rupadathu (humans who see form and form but are free from lust) and kamadhatu (humans who form lust). The architect Gunadharma built this temple on a high level. The building is made of river stone which is neatly arranged with an interlock system.

Prambanan Temple

So closely related to the legend of Roro Jonggrang, this temple which is also known as the Thousand Temple complex is also a masterpiece in its final era. The main temple is 47 m high as the Borobudur Temple. Some say this is a symbol of Hindu glory.

Prambanan Temple was built as a place of worship of Lord Shiva. This temple is located in two administrative areas, because it is right on the border of Central Java Province and DIY Province. Unesco recognizes this building as the largest Hindu temple in Indonesia and the most beautiful in Southeast Asia.

Maimun Palace

Turning to Medan, Sumatra Utama, there is a building which is one of the most beautiful architectural works in its final era. Not only unique, this building is also a reflection of the splendor of the throne from the European era. In 1888, this magnificent palace was built and is a legacy of the Sultan of Deli Makmun Al Rasyid Perkasa Alamsyah.

Fort Rotterdam

Fort Rotterdam is famous as one of the historic heritage of the Portuguese era. Judging from the architecture, it’s no wonder that this building is very thick with historical value. It was built during the 9th Sultan of Gowa, in 1945.

In the past, Fort Rotterdam was built to protect the palace from Dutch attacks. Inside this building complex, we can also find the La Galilo Museum which stores the history of Makassar (Gowa-Tallo) and other areas in South Sulawesi.

Cathedral Church

In fact, the Cathedral Church is a historic worship building that was built in 1901. Its location is in the center of the capital city not far from the Istiqlal Mosque. One of the highlights of the building is the presence of ancient bells on both towers, the article was made from the 1800s to the 1900s. Judging from the beauty of the design with a typical European neo-gothic concept, it is not surprising that the Cathedral Church is still charming and operates as a place of worship for Catholics.

Blenduk Church

One of the oldest churches in Central Java, Bledug Church was built in 1752. What’s interesting about this old colonial-style building is its curved roof with four sturdy pillars in front of it. Around the Bledug Church, you can see other Dutch architectural works, precisely in the Semarang Old Town area.

Fatahillah Museum

In the Kota Tua complex there is also a historic building with high-level architecture, the Fatahillah Museum. The building contains various antiques from the Dutch era, statues and inscriptions. In the past this building was used as a city hall as well as a court and dungeon.

Gedung Sate

The uniqueness of this historic building can be seen from its name. There is an ornament of 6 skewers at the top of the central tower. According to some descriptions of the ornament, 6 million Guilders were used for its construction. In 1920 this building in Bandung was built until now still standing firmly and with a function as the central government building of West Java.

Lawang Sewu

From the name, you can probably already imagine what this building looks like. Lawang Sewu means a thousand doors. This is reflected in the large number of doors in the building which was built in 1907, although there are not even 1000 doors.

Lawang Sewu is located in the city of Semarang, in the middle of the city. This historic building is made in the Dutch architectural style. Formerly used as a place of government administration and railways. You’ve seen it live

Sam Po Kong Temple

Still in the city of Semarang, near Lawang Sewu there are also buildings with other unique architectures. Its name is Sam Po Kong Temple which is also known as the Stone Building. This temple is the remains of Admiral Cheng Ho from China which currently functions as a place of memorial and worship.

The architectural style of this building uses a blend of local and Chinese culture. The location is in the Simongan area, southwest of Semarang City. Until now, this building has become a tourist destination in the city of Semarang.

Watugong Pagoda

Also known as Avalokitesvara Pagoda or Mettakaruna Pagoda which means pagoda of love and affection. Watugong Pagoda is a Buddhist-style monastery consisting of 5 buildings and 2 main buildings.

The two buildings are Avalokitesvara Pagoda and Dhammasala Vihara. Both were built in 1955 using materials directly from China.

Istiqlal Mosque

Built after Indonesian Independence to be precise on August 24, 1951 and completed on February 22, 1978, this modern Islamic architectural style building reflects togetherness in diversity and religious diversity. It is the largest mosque in Southeast Asia and East Asia. Interestingly, the designer was Frederich Silaban, a Protestant.

Those are 12 buildings of ancient architectural works that remain magnificent until now. Some of the buildings are even unchallenged today. For those of you who like to explore the city or travel, it is mandatory to visit this ancient architecture and see firsthand its splendor. Is there anything you haven’t been to?