Earthquake Resistant House Concept – Basically, the term anti-earthquake house refers to the meaning of a house that is built with consideration in terms of security and strength of the house so that it can stand strong even though it is shaken by a powerful earthquake.

It is far more correct to call this type of house an earthquake-resistant house, because its function was not created to withstand or withstand the effects of an earthquake, but to reduce the risk of damage to buildings due to earthquake shocks and facilitate subsequent evacuation.

Home Grow

The house is equipped with solar panels, designed with a good level of security and provides a special design for people with disabilities.

Dome House or Teletubbies House

The hallmark of this building is its appearance like a semicircular igloo. This house without a foundation is built with the walls and roof together so that it has a stronger resistance to shocks.

Barrataga (Earthquake Resistant People’s House Building)

Barrataga is a technique of strengthening steel reinforcement for buildings that are woven using wood or bamboo so that they are strong and resistant to earthquake shocks.

RISHA (Simple Healthy Instant Home)

RISHA is the work of the Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing (PUPR) which was built with the concept of loading and unloading. The construction process does not require cement and brick materials, but by combining concrete panels with bolts. Components are manufactured with home builder construction based on modular sizes.

RIKA (Instant Wooden House)

House construction using wood is also relatively easy to design earthquake resistant because the material is lighter than concrete and brick.

The house, which is also the work of the Ministry of PUPR, is an instant house made of low quality fast-growing wood (sengon, rubber, acacia mangium) which is processed so that its strength is equivalent to first-class quality wood using the Laminated Veneer Lumber (LVL) System, so it is durable. long will be shaken.

RUSPIN (Superior Home Panel System)

RUSPIN is a product development from RISHA which both have loading and unloading systems with components made by the Ministry of PUPR.

However, when compared to RISHA, RUSPIN is superior and more cost-effective using an unloading system with new technology that is easier to install by eliminating the difficult ones.

Conwood’s House

This house is called the Conwood house using non-timber panels made of cement and fiber so it is more flexible against earthquakes.

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