Minimalist Car Garage

Easy-to-Follow Car Garage Models

Want to have a garage design according to our wishes? Find out in the following description, come on.

Garage with resort style

The style of this one feels a little tropical.

So, homeowners make garages to warm and close to nature so that wood is the main material.

Garage with minimalist style

This car garage design is suitable for those of you who like simplicity.

This special room is in the garage, and is decorated with light tiles and white downlights that make the house look stylish.

Don’t like flashy garages? Try building a parking garage on this one.

The designed flat roof and smooth gypsum ceiling panels make 4 spotlights illuminate this garage.

Garage lighting

The handy box area of ​​the house for parking out front is beautifully designed.

Not only the slope of the access is also easy.

The open side walls are made so you don’t have to turn on the lights during the day.

Beautiful Garage

This garage, beautifully designed with an overlapping roof.

On the second layer, marked with a large circle of black pillars, you know.

Garage Near Bike Parking

Either the entrance or main parking garage, it is purposely designed to accommodate parking up to three cars on a structural square building and ground level area with an alternative piece of hard cement.

Garage side

As you know, if the car garage is designed to stay on the side.

The side of the garage, makes it look neat and easy when used as the front plus a percentage as well.

Stone stone tile garage

This garage is somewhat striking but becomes a beautiful harmony with the design of the house.

Having a stone with dark brown tiles will make a difference.

Roof covering material

You can use roof covering material when choosing a car garage design.

The material that is often used is corrugated iron because it has good water resistance and low cost.

Ground Floor Room

Open design, including solutions for those of you who have a gate cover to ensure security.

Enclosed Pergola

This home garage model uses a pergola roof which is not only used for outdoor resting but can also be used as a home garage.

Iron fence

For those of you who want to ensure garage security, just apply a closed door system design.

Choose an iron door that has good durability.

Garage Area Under the Balcony

Wood can be an option for a home garage design that has a high aesthetic value, you know, and is perfect for those of you who live in rural areas.


You can take advantage of the interior space of the house to be able to make a car garage, yes, like next to the doorway of the house.

Wooden Roof

If you have a small budget but still want to have a garage, choose a plastic roof that is more affordable.

Garage behind narrow room

If you have a narrow yard, arrange a parking garage behind the family room.

Sliding door

Not only a house, if you want a garage door that looks luxurious, choose a sliding door that makes it look elegant.

Neat and concise

Not only the safety factor, the beauty or aesthetic factor is also important, you know, when designing a garage.

You can choose a star design from the outside, yes.

Underground garage

This garage, implements an automatic door system that can take the car to the underground parking lot of the house.

Garage on the second floor

The garage on the second floor will look cool because it is different from the car garage in general which is usually on the ground floor.