Instagramable Teen Bedroom Design – The bedroom is one of the favorite rooms in the house. Not only as a place to rest, it is not uncommon for bedrooms to be used as a workplace, especially during a pandemic like today where most offices do WFH (Work From Home) and schools up to university scale implement PJJ (Distance Learning). As a parent, when children grow up, especially at the age of adulthood, the teen bedroom is one of the important considerations in the house. There are several reasons that make it important, including as a resting space and privacy.

Moreover, adolescence is one of the active phases of a child to learn, play, express themselves and hone their skills and hobbies.

Before deciding to decorate, make sure to include elements or things that the child likes. The bedroom design should reflect their identity so that the child is more comfortable being themselves.

Simple and Unique Teen Bedroom

Teenagers are generally fond of unique and creative things. It’s only natural, because in adolescence exploring new things is common. Apply these two elements in bedroom design such as a hammock. This bedroom design is very unique because it does not use a mattress frame so the room will feel wider. Like a swing, the bed can swing around, creating an exciting relaxing experience. Alternatively, use a round bed to create an aesthetic yet unique impression.

Korean Design

This bedroom design is perfect for teenagers who love simple yet instagrammable things. The Korean-style bedroom is identical to the use of a mattress without a frame so that it is located close to the floor and furniture such as tables and low chairs. Use parquet flooring or light brown vinyl to evoke a more chic Korean-style bedroom design.

Japanese Style

You might be familiar with the Scandinavian interior style, which emphasizes muted color schemes and a natural, intimate feel. Well, what about Japandi or Japanese Scandinavian? Japandi style is perfect to be applied in the bedroom to make it look minimalist, simple yet contemporary. No need to put a lot of furniture, just a bed and some ornaments to sweeten the corner.

Industrial Concept

This design is perfect for a teenage boy’s bedroom. Combining black, gray and complete with the use of exposed brick walls, wooden materials and round metal chandeliers to show the unfinished impression. Industrial teenage bedrooms generally have minimal insulation to make them look spacious and cozy.

Wall graphics

Teenage bedrooms are characterized by their quirkiness and simplicity. To evoke this impression, present a gradation game on the walls of the room. Asymmetrical paint color gradations on the walls of the room present a unique atmosphere but still simple and beautiful to look at.

Mezzanine Concept

This bedroom design is no less instagramable and is trending to be used in both landed houses and apartments. Not only a compact design, you can create a teen bedroom design with optimal land utilization with the mezzanine bedroom concept. Use high ceilings and good surface construction to build a half-floor room that is located between the floor surface and the ceiling. That way, the extra space on the upper floor of the mezzanine can be utilized as a bed and study and relaxation area downstairs.

Instagramable Boho Chic

A boho chic bedroom design that looks bright can be applied to produce an aesthetic and instagramable feel. The boho or bohemian style is synonymous with a play of colors combined with ethnic, hippies and vintage styles. To create a boho chic teen bedroom design, use contrasting patterned fabrics on blankets or pillowcases. Hang special ornaments such as plates, jars, flowering knick-knacks and tribal motifs that were popular in the early 2010s. These ornaments are important to make the boho chic atmosphere even stronger.

The Right Lighting

Lighting is one of the most important elements to create an instagramable teen bedroom design. Use a row of bulb chandeliers to make the room warmer and more aesthetically appealing. Light with dim intensity will make the room feel warmer and create a wider view to all sides of the room.

Teen Bedroom with Wallpaper

Nowadays, the use of wallpaper is very common to beautify the appearance of the house, including the room. Many consider that wallpaper is easier to replace at any time compared to regular paint. For bedrooms, especially teenage girls who want a feminine impression, you can use soft pink wallpaper combined with neutral wall paint colors such as white.

Teen Bedroom with Wall Shelves

Wall shelves can be an interesting solution if the bedroom area is not too large. Having a wooden wall shelf as a storage space or as a place for small furniture to sweeten the room, such as small pots filled with ornamental plants, is the right thing to do. The shape of the wall shelf varies, depending on your taste.

How about it? Have you found a bedroom design that suits your taste, desires and dreams? If yes, then immediately realize it now!