Baby Girls Room – In designing a room for a baby girl or boy, of course we as parents are the ones who must have a contemporary design sense. Because babies don’t understand decorating their own bedroom yet.

But even if babies don’t understand bedroom design or interior tastes, they still need privacy. At the very least, their belongings should be placed in a proper place such as a bedroom.

The following is a baby girl and boy bedroom design that the architect has summarized that can be an inspiration for your little one’s bedroom. Come on!

Shades of Ash and Peach

The combination of a slightly dark gray color with peach can turn out to be an interesting choice.

The color of the walls, and some of the furniture is gray while the lace curtains and some of the floral decorations on the walls are peach.

Add your child’s name on the wall, it can be with paper materials such as flower decorations.

Hot Air Balloon Themed Room

This baby girl’s bedroom looks cute and adorable because of the wallpaper images.

Some pictures of brightly colored hot air balloons and white clouds look beautiful on the walls.

Uniquely, there are two hot air balloons made from small baskets with colorful lanterns.

Room with Blue Mosquito Net

This room looks beautiful, simple and elegant which can be seen in the mosquito net.

This mosquito net is light blue in color, equipped with a very cute cloud-shaped pillow, and a flower decoration on the wall that looks like a light gray flower crown with plain white walls.

Scandinavian Style Baby Room

It’s not just an adult’s room that can use the Scandinavian style, a children’s or baby’s room can also be used as a theme.

The nuances of white are quite dominant, coupled with a white cloth tent and some bamboo as supports, which are the characteristics of this theme.

Floral Wallpaper

Again, floral wallpaper is the right choice. Because flowers are also very synonymous with beauty, and girls.

Floral decorations like this are like adding a gentle character to a baby girl.

Shades of Yellow and Animal Motifs

The beauty of this room can be seen in the yellow wall paint color, with the addition of white polka-dot decorations that are spaced and small in size.

Besides polka dots, other motifs on this wall are silhouettes of animals such as giraffes and hanging monkeys.

Light Gray Shades

Light gray is also always an option for the color of the walls of the baby’s bedroom. But that doesn’t diminish her femininity.

Because you can add pictures of cute animals with photo frames, and choose other furniture models that are more identical to women.

Classic interior design

This girl’s bedroom is both classic and simple in style.

There are additional wooden wall hangings that you can add your daughter’s name to.

The top of the decoration is added with very interesting flower and foliage decorations.

Vintage Theme Concept

For those of you who are happy with vintage-concept room decorations or like in the past, this room concept can be an inspiration.

The vintage concept can be seen from the wardrobe and chandelier models.

Simple but Functional Room

The model, design and concept of this room is actually simple.

However, this room is quite functional, because there is some furniture that babies need such as baby cribs, cupboards and a play area.