Baby Room – But what about the nursery design?

In designing a room for a baby girl or boy, of course we as parents are the ones who must have a contemporary design sense. Because babies don’t understand decorating their own bedroom yet.

But even if babies don’t understand bedroom design or interior tastes, they still need privacy. At the very least, their belongings should be placed in a proper place such as a bedroom.

The following is a baby girl and boy bedroom design that the architect has summarized that can be an inspiration for your little one’s bedroom. Come on!

Flower Room Wallpaper

This room for a baby girl has a female theme, namely shades of pink and other bright colors.

Uniquely, the additional wallpaper with large flowers in pink and white.

Elegant Room in Pink Shades

Still with the pink color that enlivens the atmosphere of the room, the theme and concept of this baby girl’s room is made more elegant.

Shades of pink can be seen from the color of the curtains and other baby equipment.

Orange Room

Although girls’ rooms are always synonymous with pink, other bright colors such as orange can also be an option.

Add a plain orange mosquito net for sweetness, and it can also protect babies from mosquitoes.

Ash and Pink Alloy

The combination of light gray with pink can also be a very attractive choice. This color choice is perfect for girls.

Add elephant ornaments on the walls, framed photos with elephant pictures, and baby blankets with elephant motifs in gray and pink.

Polka-dotted room

A simple and elegant white color can be seen in this baby girl’s room.

In order not to be too plain, on the walls you can see pictures or small polka dot wallpapers.

Green Plant Decoration

Green plants can also be placed in your baby girl’s room, as a sweetener and to make the room look fresher.

This baby girl’s room is dominated by white. Another additional color is light gray.

Room with Name Wallpaper and Flowers

Rooms with pink paint on the walls are made more attractive and romantic, because there are additional paper decorations in the form of flowers and baby names made of gold.

Also add a crystal chandelier that looks luxurious as well as classic.

Minimalist Simple Baby Room

This room for a baby girl is very simple, because there are not many ornaments and furniture in it.

There is only a baby box made of dark green wood. The walls are white with stripes with cute gold stickers.

Peach Room

In addition to pink, peach color can also be an option for your baby girl’s bedroom.

The walls are seen with paper decorations in the form of peach and white flowers.

Shades of Pink like Barbie Color

This one room is very dominant with pink, from the walls, furniture, lights, carpets to the pink wall decorations.

This baby bedroom is very girly and very feminine. The curtains on the windows are pink.