Girls Bedroom Design Inspirations – There will come a time when you realize that your child needs his or her own room. As they get older, you should exercise your child’s courage and independence by placing them in their own bedroom. This room will be where he spends most of his time: resting, playing, and studying. For that, you should prepare a bedroom that suits his preferences and reflects his personality.

If you have a daughter and are planning to make her a new bedroom, you’ve come to the right place! No need to worry and be confused about what theme you should use, because Sejasa will give you the choice. Come on, see the inspiration for the girls’ room below!

Bedroom with Mezzanine Design

Sleeping in a room with a mezzanine concept is always fun for kids! This concept is highly recommended for those of you who have a room that is not too spacious. Upstairs you can create a play area for children which is equipped with a small sofa and a toy box. While downstairs is the little one’s bed and the wardrobe for his necessities.

The Shabby Chic Themed Bedroom

Shabby chic was still a design concept favored by women until now. The shabby-chic style always uses floral patterns, brocades, and vintage ornaments that seem old but elegant. If you have a girl who tends to be feminine, you can try this room concept!

A Bedroom with Multiple Beds

Every now and then, try to put your daughters in the same bedroom. Although it will be boisterous at first, sleeping in the same room will bring them closer to each other! To make it attractive to children, use different colors of blankets and pillows according to their favorite colors. Oh yes, giving their initials on the bed is also a good idea to emulate!

Pastel Colored Bedroom

A bedroom with a pastel theme is a bedroom that is very suitable for those of you who have children with gentle personalities. You can combine several pastel colors at once to make the room look dynamic. Don’t forget to add doll accents and corner chairs to make the room look even cuter!

Bedroom Equipped with a Window Seat

If your child loves reading, the window seat will definitely be his favorite spot in the room! Not only is it comfortable and feels private, the window seat can also be used as a place to store things. You can also add small pillows or create a reading corner by adding a collection of his favorite books.

Themed Bedroom: Boho Chic

For the type of child who is cheerful, creative, and playful, the boho chic concept might suit him! This design emphasizes freestyle and your child is more free to be creative. You can invite him to decorate his own room by combining various motifs, colors, and materials. With this, you help him grow even more creative!

Character Themed Bedroom

Girls who are still young tend to have their favorite characters. You can use it to be the theme of the bedroom to please your child. Choose furniture that matches his favorite character. With a concept like this, the bedroom is sure to be the favorite place of all the rooms in the house.

Minimalist Bedroom

When your daughter reaches her adolescence, her tastes may shift to something more timeless and mature.You can make a bedroom with a minimalist concept on a white base. You can use room ornaments in your child’s favorite color to make his room more personal.

Hanging Bed in the Bedroom

If you want to give your child something new, you can install a hanging bed in his bedroom. Not only does it give a creative look, the hanging bed also gives the impression of a swing that is liked by children. Try discussing it with your child. Does he like this concept?

Bedroom with a Fun Theme

If you use the playful concept, you can actually create your own definition of playful depending on what you enjoy. For example, you can use an attractively shaped bed and small toys in the bedroom, or use your child’s favorite geometric stickers and decorations. You can also use different colors in your child’s room to make it look happy and fun!

How? Is there a girl’s room inspiration that you like? You can also modify these bedroom inspirations according to your child’s imagination! Yan