Luxury Bedroom Design – For those of you who have a taste for luxury bedroom designs, you can choose some of these luxurious and elegant bedroom design inspirations whose concepts and themes have been adjusted.

For example, you can choose a bedroom model that suits your wishes; for example, modern minimalism, or it can also be a luxurious and spacious design.

1. Gold-Hued Room

The choice of gold always gives the impression of luxury and elegance.

As in this room, where almost the entire color of gold is combined with light brown.

Besides being luxurious, this bedroom also carries a modern-contemporary concept.

2. Wall-mounted Warmlight Lamp

Not only is the furniture and design magnificent, this room has a wall mounted with warmlight lamps so that the atmosphere in the room looks cooler and gives its own sensation.

The shape of the window is semicircular and large.

3. The Log Cabin

Using wooden furniture can also make a luxurious impression on your bedroom. Choose some contemporary furniture with modern models and materials.

The design of this room is actually simple, but gives its own impression with a direct view to the outside.

4. Hotel Design Studio

This type of luxury room is similar in design to a room in a star hotel, which is not only magnificent, but also very spacious.

The bedding uses a circular patterned rug; on the left side there is a sitting room; on the right side there is a place to make up.

5. The King’s Daughter’s Room

This room has the feel of a royal princess’ bedroom, which is not only beautiful but also very stunning.

The bed is beautifully carved, with the same motif as the dresser, vanity mirror, and table.

The floor is covered with a fluffy carpet in a color that matches the theme of the room, which is a combination of brown and gold.

6. Futuristic Design Studio

This room looks very futuristic. The overall design is very modern and classy.

The size is also very spacious, coupled with warmlight lamps at the top and the shape of the bed that resembles a round sofa.

The lighting is also very fitting and stunning.

7. Elegant Dark Room

The walls of this luxurious room are dark green in color. The uniqueness and luxury of this room can be seen in the large and round lamps, which are almost half the size of the roof of the room.

The floor is covered with a graduating gray carpet, which is very beautiful.

8. Room with a Glass Wall

Part of the wall of this room is made of glass, which also functions as a door, so that it can be used as a window as well as a door that leads to the balcony with lush trees.

9. Wallpaper with plants in the room.

Brown wallpaper with patterns of plants and flowers makes this room look classy and expensive.

The bedding is both unique and elegant in dark colors. Another unique feature is the round white chandelier.

10. Luxury Glass Walled Room

The front of this luxury bedroom is glass-walled and leads directly to the outside.

In addition, this spacious room also has a door that connects to other rooms.

In front of the bed is a sofa and two comfortable large chairs.

11. Room Facing the Sea

You can apply this room design to your private bedroom if your house is in the middle or side of the sea.

The entire wall of the room is glass. The bed model is modern and minimalist.

12. White Mosquito Net Room

The nuances of this room carry two colors, namely elegant black and white. Its uniqueness can be seen from the four-poster bed, at the bottom of which there are wheels.

This pole is to support a beautiful, transparent white mosquito net. This luxurious room design is suitable for a girl’s room.

13. Room Silvery Gold

The luxury of this room is clearly visible in the nuances of the room that carry the silvery gold color.

so that the color looks more shiny and gives a glamorous impression. The floor is made of dark brown wood, which adds to the elegant impression.

14. Modern Contemporary Design Room

This is one of the modern contemporary design bedrooms, where almost all parts of the room carry a glowing gold color.

Not only is the concept modern, but most of the furniture is also modern in a contemporary style.

15. Elegant Simple Room

Although it carries a beautiful and comfortable impression, this room looks simple. Both the layout and the design of the furniture.

The entire floor is carpeted, decorated with shiny silver curtains that rise up to the roof.