Minimalist, Simple, and Luxurious Bedroom Design – Here we present a variety of bedroom design inspirations with minimalist, simple, luxurious concepts, and a combination of these concepts.

It is hoped that these inspirations can help you find out which color combinations and room arrangements are more appropriate. The following are inspirations based on certain concepts, special designs for your more comfortable room.

Beautiful Minimalist Room Design with Monochrome Colors

This minimalist gray bedroom is suitable for those of you who like things that are practical and not overwhelming. The choice of a mattress with a simple design. Likewise for the nightstand and bedroom curtains. Supported by a monochrome color theme that makes the room look more elegant and clean.

In addition to gray, minimalist rooms are also suitable with black color combinations

Like the design in general, this minimalist room is identical to a plain feel and not much room decoration on the walls. The example above is a minimalist room with a quite different room concept, using white painted wood elements on the floor and black walls.

Minimalist Room with Cream Colors that Gives the impression of luxury

A simple room can also be transformed into a more minimalist one with the selection of decorations that seem plain, starting from the selection of bed covers, curtains, and wall decorations. To create the impression of luxury, the room can be treated with a combination of cream colors like the picture above.

Minimalist Rooms and Workspaces that are Suitable for Apartments

For those of you who need a work space but limited house area, you can use this one design idea. A room that prioritizes space efficiency between the bed and the workplace. If at any time you want to work in the middle of a break, with a design like the one in the picture it will be very possible.

Present a Luxurious Impression with Wood Accents and Backlights on the Room Background

The impression of luxury in a minimalist room can be created by selecting materials and decoration elements. The inspiration this time is to use a finishing with a wood pattern and a backlight that creates a warm impression in the room. In addition, this decoration can also create a luxurious impression in the room.

Minimalist Room with Open Space Concept for House in Villa

If you have a wider area, and want a pretty beautiful view. Inspiration this time can be tried. Luxurious minimalist room with an open space concept that is directly connected to the back area of ​​the house, for example the swimming pool. Suitable for relaxing and relaxing area.

Room Design with Green as Focal Point

The walls of the room are painted green in the middle to create the impression of a firm focus. To make the room look beautiful and cheerful, you can combine green with more neutral colors, such as white or gray. The combination of these two colors will produce a space that is not monotonous.

In addition to green, a bluish-gray background is also suitable for rooms

Next is the combination of soft colors that create a calm impression. However, this time the combination of pastel green with other pastel colors could be the best idea for a girl’s room.

Modern Minimalist Room and Work Area with Contemporary Interior Style

The inspiration from the creators on is a luxurious room to deal with today’s needs, remote work or WFA. A room with a contemporary interior design, and there is an empty space next to the cupboard as an area to create a work desk.

Minimalist Room with a Size of 4×4 Accompanied by a Work Area in the Corner of the Room

In addition to the previous inspiration, a minimalist room accompanied by a workspace can also be like the following picture. At first glance, it is not much different, carrying a minimalist interior design with plain dominance on cabinets and tables. The interesting part is the use of a backlight on the desk to provide brighter lighting and make work/study more comfortable.

Compact Minimalist Room with Single Bed, Suitable for Teenagers

If the room area is quite small but there must be a table, the idea of ​​​​using a single bed with several storage slots at the bottom can be a solution. This method will help save space so that your room can still be filled with cabinets and tables. Not only that, the rest of the existing room will be wider. A simple room will also be more spacious.

Attractive Minimalist Room Design for Children

Next is the inspiration for a minimalist room for children accompanied by a playground as a children’s daily play area. Using the dominant white color makes the room look more spacious, spacious, and clean.

Compact Minimalist Room Concept for Studio Apartment

Getting around a limited area can be done in many ways. In addition to choosing small and sleek furniture, there can be other ways, such as choosing multifunctional furniture.

Like this design. The ladder to get to the bed not only functions as a ladder, but also as a cupboard or drawer to store clothes and other items. The more spacious lower part can be used for other room furniture such as tables and chairs.

Compact Minimalist Room Concept for Student Boarding

A narrow room can be arranged in such a way that it remains a comfortable room. To save space, you can choose a single bed. While the furniture uses sleek tables and chairs. It is also highly recommended to choose a wardrobe with sliding doors to save space.

Using Rooms with Smart Furniture Concepts to Save Space

If you have a house that is not so big, using smart furniture is quite interesting to try. Like this inspiration, a mattress that can be folded against the wall which then becomes a sofa. This sofa during the day can be used as a family room or room to watch television. But at night, the mattress can be spread out again and this room becomes a bedroom.

Other Smart Furniture Rooms Use Folding Schemes

In addition to the designs above, smart furniture rooms can also be used with this model, a bed design that can be flattened/folded. If at any time you need more space, just move the mattress.

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